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Summer School 2014

8th IEAGHG International CCS Summer School

6th -12th July,The University of Texas at Austin, Texas, USA

ATT Promo Photo for glossiesAT&T Conference Centre at The University of Texas at Austin, Texas


Following the success of the previous IEA Greenhouse Gas Programme (IEAGHG) Summer Schools in Kloster Seeon, Germany 2007; Tigh-Na-Mara, Vancouver Island, Canada 2008; Lorne, Australia, 2009; Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway, 2010; Champaign, Illinois, 2011, and Beijing, China 2012, Nottingham, UK 2013 the 8th Summer School will be held in Austin, Texas, USA, hosted by The University of Texas at Austin, from the 6th-12th of July 2014.

Selected students will participate in this week long International Summer School with presentations and discussion led by international experts in the field of CCS.  The programme covers the full chain of CCS; providing up-to-date information in each field; including technical information on capture technologies, storage site selection, capacity and modelling, wellbore integrity and transport; as well as other issues such as regulations, health and safety, and public communication.

The week is fully funded (travel, accommodation, meals and the course) by our Series and Local Sponsors.


Where two presenters are listed for a presentation, the slides are linked from the presenters names.

Presentation Title




Welcome and IEAGHG Overview

Tim Dixon, IEAGHG

Monday 7 July 2013


Climate Change Overview Charles Jackson,UT   09.40-10.00
The Global CCS Scene

Tim Dixon,IEAGHG & Tip Meckel, UT

CCS Storage 1 - Reservoirs, Traps, Seals & Storage Capacity John Kaldi, CO2CRC & Sue Hovorka, UT   11.00-12.00
Storage 2 - Migration Pathways, including Wellbore Integrity Andrew Duguid, Schlumberger   13.00-14.00
Storage 3 - EOR  Vanessa Nunez-Lopez, UT   14.00-14.30
 Capture 1 - Post-Combustion Gary Rochelle, UT   14.30-15.00 
Capture 2- Oxyfuel Michael Balfe, Alstom   15.30-16.00
CCS for Industry Sources Gary Rochelle, UT   16.00-16.30
Policy - International Jurgen Friedrich Hake, GFZ   16.30-17.00
Legal and Regulatory, Carbon Accounting - International Tim Dixon, IEAGHG   17.00-17.40
Policy - National  Becky Smyth, UT   17.40-18.10 
Storage 4 - Monitoring & Verification (Shallow)  Katherine Romanak, UT Tuesday 8 July 2014   09.00-09.30
Storage 5 - Monitoring & Verification (Deep)  David White, Schlumberger   09.30-10.00 
Storage 6 - Modelling  Sveinung Hagen, Statoil   10.30-11.10 
Storage risk & Uncertainty  Max Prins, Shell   11.10-12.00 
Induced Seismicity  Cliff Frohlich, UT & Jon Olson, UT   15.00-15.40 
Shale Gas & CCS  Jim Ladlee, Penn State University   15.40-16.00 
Economics & Financing of CCS Carey King, UT & Gurcan Gulen, UT   16.00-16.40
Public Engagement & Communications Hilary Olson, UT & Lori Gauvreau, Schlumberger   17.20-18.20
Capture 3 - Pre-Combustion  Thomas Edgar, UT Thursday 10 July 2014  09.00-09.30 
 Environmental Impacts of Storage  Katherine Romanak, UT   09.30-10.00 
Environmental Impacts of Capture  Erik Gjernes, Gassnova    10.30-10.50
Transport Tim Dixon, IEAGHG   10.50-11.30 

Joe Jones, Skyonic Corporation

Health & Safety Nada Ahmed, DNV   15.30-16.10
Bio-CCS Robert Hebner, UT   16.10-16.40
NGO Perspective Scott Anderson, EDF   16.40-17.10
Developing Countries Context Joseph Essandoh-Yeddu, Ghana Energy Comission   17.30-17.50
Technical Writing Rebecca Allen, King Abdullah Institute of Science & Technology and Navdeep Singh Kahlon, Birmingham University Friday 11 July 2014  14.00-15.00