IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

2nd Oxyfuel Combustion Conference


Date 12th - 16th September 2011

callide_plant Callide Plant


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This was  held in Queensland, Australia from the 12th to 16th of September 2011.

Since 2005, the IEAGHG International Oxyfuel Combustion Research Network has played an important
role in bringing together all stakeholders to this important international forum to discuss issues relevant
to the development of oxyfuel combustion technologies and share what we have learnt from the experience
of operating the oxyfuel combustion power plant with CO2 capture. Building on the success of the 1st
Oxyfuel Combustion Conference – we aim to facilitate and contribute to the discussion addressing the
challenges toward the demonstration and commercialization of this technology.


Conference Objectives and Themes

 Important objectives of this conference are:

  • To discuss the various issues that could impact the demonstration, future deployment and
    commercialisation of oxyfuel combustion technology as an option for power plant with CO2 capture
  • To understand the underlying issues in adopting oxyfuel combustion technology for “New Build”,
    “Repowering” or “Retrofit” of power plants with CO2 capture.
  • To highlight recent development in oxyfuel combustion technology via sharing of experience
    among the large scale demonstration projects.



The OCC2 will focus its discussion to the following central themes:

  1. Addressing the key challenges in full scale demonstration and commercialisation of Oxyfuel
    Combustion Technology
  2. Understanding the technical issues needed in adapting oxyfuel combustion technology to power plants for
    “New Build”, “Repowering” or “Retrofit” options.
  3. Providing update in the progress of on?going large scale pilot plant projects – what we have learned?
  4. Discussing the advancement in the boiler and burner development – what are the remaining issues?
  5. Evaluating the improvements in the air separation unit for oxygen production.
  6. Demonstrating technologies in flue gas processing.
  7. Understanding the recent developments in the CO2 processing unit.
  8. Addressing the key issues on emissions, handling of waste and by?products, and other environmental
    impact of oxyfuel combustion technology.

 This conference will offer the opportunity to visit the retrofitted Callide A Power Plant.  This will be the largest
demonstration of oxyfuel technology in the world by 2011.

Conference Dates:

12th Sept. 2011            Asia Pacific Programme - Oxyfuel Working Group Capacity Building Course

12th–15th Sept. 2011    2nd Oxyfuel Combustion Conference

16th Sept. 2011            Facility Visit to Callide Power Station


Technical Programme and Presentations