IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

3rd Oxyfuel Combustion Conference

Date 9th- 13th September 2013, Ponferrada, Spain


Oxyfuel Combustion is ready for demonstration!!! This was the focal point of discussion for the 3rd Oxyfuel Combustion Conference.  This conference also presented the lessons learnt in the development of oxy-CFB.  Key results from Callide Oxyfuel Projects and other large scale demonstration pilot plants were shared and their experience toward to the discussion on demonstration of oxyfuel combustion technology.

By keeping its tradition, this event provided a forum to continue to discuss the remaining issues relevant to the demonstration of oxyfuel combustion technologies and share what we have learnt from the experience of operating various oxyfuel pilot plants.

In order to maximise the learnings from the OCC3 conference held 5th-9th September 2013 in Ponferrada, Spain, IEAGHG have complied a summary document not only including key message from the conference, but also looking at the wider picture of where oxy-fuel combustion is now and the future of the technology.

Summary Brochure

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The main topics for discussion in this conference were on the following issues:

 1. Oxy-PC Boiler and Burner Development

 2. Oxy-CFB Boiler Development

 3. Oxygen Production

4. Flue Gas Processing

5. CO2 Processing Unit

 6. Process Control and Process Integration

7. Novel Oxyfuel Processes

8. Regulatory, Permitting, Policy Development 

9. Large Scale Pilot and Demonstration Projects

Technical Programme

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The 5th Oxyfuel Capacity Building Course will also take place 8th-9th September just prior to the OCC3 conference, for more information please use the link this course is open to students and young researchers and has limited places available.