IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

4th Post Combustion Capture Conference

  • 5th-8th September 2017

Ross Bridge Hotel, Brimingham, Alabama USA

Following on from PCCC3, this conference will focus on current PCC issues, developments and future trends in CO2 post combustion capture technology. With optional tours to both NCCC in Wilsonville and Kemper Energy Facility (limited spaces available) completing the week.

Call for abstracts

The call for abstracts is now open and we are inviting abstracts in the following themes:

    • Amine based solvent development

    • Biphasic solvents: Liquid-Liquid separation, Precipitating solvents 

    • 2nd / 3rd Generation capture technology (Enzymes, Algae, Adsorption process, Membranes, Calcium looping etc.)

    • Capture process modelling

    • Process integration

    • Process economics

    • Process scale-up, operational flexibility and risk analysis

    • Pilot plant & demonstration projects

    • Demonstration project regulatory issues & lesson learned

    • Solvent degradationEnvironmental impacts (Amine emission, Control, Monitoring method, Reclaimer waste etc.)

    • Equipment corrosion issues

    • Industrial Application (Cement, Iron and Steel, Natural Gas Processing, Oil refinery)

 Register and upload your abstract. Deadline for submission is the 20th March