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2017-06 Front Cover Website

Effects of Plant Location on the Costs of CO2 Capture

In recent years, IEAGHG has published several studies that address the application of CCS to coal and natural gas-fired power plants. The studies are based on a hypothetical site in the Netherlands. However, while Europe is one region where large-scale power plants with CCS must be deployed, there is even greater potential for CCS in regions, for example, where coal consumption is high and increasing or where emission reduction targets would require CCS to also be considered for gas-fired power stations. While, very often, the cost of CO2 capture is cited as a single value or as a range, the performance and costs of plants with CO2 capture will be different at different locations – and there is currently a shortage of information calculated on a consistent basis, particularly for emerging economies. Considering this, a study was commissioned to investigate how the cost of CO2 capture varied for different locations. 

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