IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

IEAGHG funds research into carbon capture and storage (CCS), also known as CO2 capture and storage.

Our work focuses on technologies that can reduce our carbon emissions, and mitigate climate change and global warming. We are a not for profit organisation, and all of our work is subject to peer review ensuring that it remains impartial and unbiased.

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IEAGHG provides publicly available information through a number of channels on work related to its activities. These dissemination activities include a regular quarterly newsletter and topical summary reports.



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The IEAGHG Annual Review outlines work undertaken and produced by IEAGHG over the course of a year and includes our conferences and networks held, our technical reports and reviews, blogs, information papers and also presentations made by members of staff at external meetings.


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IEAGHG now produce Information Papers (IPs) on a variety of topics. This is part of a response to members wishes to provide more timely reporting, and to ensure that we keep abreast of the issues, both within the CCS arena, and matters further afield which still impact on the wider climate change topic.

Most IEAGHG Information Papers are free to access, and will be uploaded here as and when we publish them. Occasionally however an IP will be deemed Confidential, for Executive Committee only, and these will not be available to download. Due to this, there will be the occasional gap in the numbering appearing below.

For more information, or if you have any ideas that you feel would be suitable for IEAGHG to write a short Information Paper on, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

2018 IPs

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  • 2018-IP19; Water-energy-CCS nexus water consumption is not a constraint to implement CCS in power plants
  • 2018-IP18; CO2GeoNet Annual Meeting 24th – 25th April, 2018, Venice
  • 2018-IP17; Port of Rotterdam making great strides to cut its industrial CO2 emissions
  • 2018-IP16; Cement technology roadmap plots path to cutting CO2 emissions 24% by 2050
  • 2018-IP15; IPCC Special Report on Cities and Climate Change
  • 2018-IP14; Strategy to Reduce Shipping Emissions Agreed
  • 2018-IP13; BECCS is like Marmite – you either love it or hate it!
  • 2018-IP12; Shells Vision of a Zero Emission World
  • 2018-IP11; IEA Report on Global Energy and CO2
  • 2018-IP10; A critical look at the Cement Industry
  • 2018-IP9; 2017 Energy Efficiency at a Cross Roads
  • 2018-IP8; Extent of Underwater melting of Antarctic ice causes concern, by John Gale, IEAGHG
  • 2018-IP7; UKCCSRC - Delivering the new CCS Agenda, by Mónica García, IEAGHG
  • 2018-IP6; Industry working towards a 2-degree target, by Mónica García, IEAGHG
  • 2018-IP5; International Amine Workshop, by Mónica García, IEAGHG
  • 2018-IP3; EASAC report on negative emissions technologies (NETs), by Jasmin Kemper, IEAGHG
  • 2018-IP2; Status of Carbon Pricing in 2017, by John Gale, IEAGHG
  • 2018-IP1; Global Risk Report 2018 highlights

2017 IPs

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  • 2017-IP65; US Study on Approaches for International Collaboration and Financing of CCUS Pilot Projects
  • 2017-IP64; CSLF Report on Practical Regulations and Permitting Process for Geological CO2 Storage
  • 2017-IP63; CSLF Report on Offshore CO2-EOR
  • 2017-IP62; CSLF Technology Roadmap 2017
  • 2017-IP61; WMO Statement on Climate Change 2017
  • 2017-IP60; Findings of Fourth National (US) Climate Assessment Report
  • 2017-IP59; Gas in Europe Comes Under Fire
  • 2017-IP58; Global CO2 Emissions on the Rise Again
  • 2017-IP57; A Review of Hybrid CO2 Capture Processes
  • 2017-IP55; Exploring Ocean Change
  • 2017-IP53; 13 Years of Research on CO2 Storage at the Ketzin Pilot Site Comes to a Close
  • 2017-IP52; Developments on Carbon Pricing
  • 2017-IP51; Membrane based technologies - 2017 NETL CO2 Capture Technologies Review Meeting
  • 2017-IP50; CO2 use and Reuse Research - 2017 NETL CO2 Capture Technologies Review Meeting
  • 2017-IP49; Biofuels – Transport Sector Saviours or Villains?
  • 2017-IP48; Weather Extremes Caused by Global Warming is Biggest Risk to Humans
  • 2017-IP47; Introduction to New US DOE CarbonSAFE Projects
  • 2017-IP46; The Greenland Ice Sheet is Melting Faster than Before
  • 2017-IP45; Three revised Best Practice Manuals have been released by NETL
  • 2017-IP44; Climate change is the defining drivers for the global economy
  • 2017-IP43; Hat trick of hottest years on the way
  • 2017-IP42; Electric Cars Lead the Transport Charge
  • 2017-IP41; Renewable Deployment not all Plain Sailing
  • 2017-IP40; CCAC Annual Science Update 2016
  • 2017-IP39; Fusion Power now not Ready Before 20250 at Earliest
  • 2017-IP38; Volatility of amines for CO2 capture
  • 2017-IP37; Water-Lean Solvents for PCCC Fundamentals, Uncertainties, Opportunities and Outlook
  • 2017-IP35; New Analysis Suggests Warming Has Been Much Faster Than Previously Predicted
  • 2017-IP34; New Threat to Ozone Layer Could Undermine Gains made by Montreal Protocol to date
  • 2017-IP33; CEMCAP
  • 2017-IP32; Mission 2020 – A new global strategy to “rapidly” reduce carbon emissions
  • 2017-IP31; ZEP Press Release on Launch of Fast Track TS report
  • 2017-IP30; Soil organic carbon sequestration
  • 2017-IP29; Intensification of CO2 Stripping from Amine Solutions by Ultrasonic
  • 2017-IP28; Press release - CCP Publishes 2016 Annual Report
  • 2017-IP27; CCS Decision Time an Australian Perspective
  • 2017-IP26; CCUS, Status, Issues and Needs
  • 2017-IP25; Summary and Background of SPE’s SRMS Document
  • 2017-IP24; Society of Petroleum Engineers CO2 Storage Resources Management System
  • 2017-IP23; Clean Hydrogen and CCS
  • 2017-IP22; Energy Transition Commission Report Better Energy, Greater Prosperity 
  • 2017-IP21; Methane Emissions continue to increase
  • 2017-IP20; The Global Carbon Budget for 2016 and its implications
  • 2017-IP19; EU ZEP report on CCS and Europe's Contribution to the Paris Agreement
  • 2017-IP18; ETI AUV Harbour Trials
  • 2017-IP17; PRESS RELEASE IEA finds CO2 emissions flat for third straight year
  • 2017-IP16; Impacts of Non-CO2 GHGs from Aviation
  • 2017-IP15; WMO Statement on the State of the Global Climate
  • 2017-IP14; EU Project to Advance Environmental Monitoring for Offshore CO2 Storage Projects
  • 2017-IP12; Ladybird Book on Climate Change
  • 2017-IP11; Global heat continues, sea ice hits new record lows
  • 2017-IP10; Whats in a name (CCS, CCUS, or CCU)
  • 2017-IP9; The Anthropocene Equation
  • 2017-IP8; New Road Map for CCS in Australia
  • 2017-IP7; What happens after all the ice goes?
  • 2017-IP6; The Technological Challenge to meet 2C warming
  • 2017-IP4; Brief review of COP-22 and CCS
  • 2017-IP3; Has Global Warming Slowed Over The Last Decade or Not?
  • 2017-IP2; CO2 Building Blocks – Assessing CO2 Utilisation Options
  • 2017-IP1; Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures releases recommendations

2016 IPs

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  • 2016-IP56; Feasibility Study for Full Scale CCS in Norway
  • 2016-IP55; The ICEF CO2 Utlisation Road Map
  • 2016-IP54; US Announces New Awards of $44 Million
  • 2016-IP53; 5th Conference on CO2 as Feedstock 
  • 2016-IP52; MiReCOL Close-Out Meeting
  • 2016-IP51; 20 Years of CCS - New IEA Report
  • 2016-IP50; Update on business opportunities in CO2 utilisation
  • 2016-IP49; Artic Warming Predicted to Have Catastrophic Consequences
  • 2016-IP48; BECCS Deployment in the UK
  • 2016-IP47; A Global Zero Carbon Roadmap
  • 2016-IP46; IEA Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2016
  • 2016-IP45; The Stern Report 10 years on
  • 2016-IP44; WMO Greenhouse Gas Bulletin
  • 2016-IP43; Waste Power CCU in Japan
  • 2016-IP42; Latest Information on Global Methane Emissions
  • 2016-IP41; 1.5 Degrees – Meeting the Challenges of the Paris Agreement
  • 2016-IP40; Climate Scientists say 1.5C is inevitable
  • 2016-IP39; Will Cities Lead the Way on GHG reduction
  • 2016-IP38; Small Nuclear Reactors
  • 2016-IP37; Emissions from Aviation the Next Challenge
  • 2016-IP36; Reducing the Cost of CCS
  • 2016-IP35; London Convention meeting LC-38  LP-11 (2016)
  • 2016-IP34; Technical lessons learned from UK CCS Commercialisation Programme 2012-2015
  • 2016-IP33; New UK report from the Parliamentary Advisory Group on CCS
  • 2016-IP32; US DOE 2016 Carbon Storage Meeting
  • 2016-IP31; Chinese CO2 Emissions have peaked
  • 2016-IP30; IPCC outlines its Plans for new Reports
  • 2016-IP29; ETP2016 - Towards Sustainable Urban Energy Systems
  • 2016-IP28; International report confirms 2015 Earth's hottest year on record
  • 2016-IP27; IChemE Report Future of CCS
  • 2016-IP26; Health and Climate Change Issues with Maritime Shipping
  • 2016-IP25; CO2 emissions in 2015 65th BP Statistical Review
  • 2016-IP24; World Energy Outlook 2016 Special Report Energy and Air Pollution 
  • 2016-IP23; New Trilateral Agreement on GHG Mitigation
  • 2016-IP22; Leeds City Hydrogen Project
  • 2016-IP21; Lessons Learned from UK CCS Programmes, 2008 – 2015
  • 2016-IP19; Study Report on CCS Options in Norway Released
  • 2016-IP18; Degassing Volcanic LakesDegassing Volcanic Lakes
  • 2016-IP17; Bloomberg NEO 2016, Powering a Changing World
  • 2016-IP16; First MRV plan approved by the US EPA GHG Reporting
  • 2016-IP15; Hitting new highs and lows and Achieving Goals, news from the USA
  • 2016-IP14; Climate Targets for Agriculture in a post COP21 World
  • 2016-IP13; Comparing the Cost of Electricity Supply
  • 2016-IP12; Annual Greenhouse Gas Index for 2015
  • 2016-IP11; GBEP and IEA Bioenergy webinar seminar
  • 2016-IP10; CCAC Annual Science Update 2015
  • 2016-IP9; The Air Pollution Climate Change Conundrum.
  • 2016-IP8; Turn Down the Heat Confronting the New Climate Normal
  • 2016-IP7; Update on CO2 Emissions and Global Temperatures
  • 2016-IP6; A new debate on Increases in Methane Emissions and Terrestrial Carbon Uptake
  • 2016-IP5; PRESS RELEASE Decoupling of Global Emissions and Economic Growth Confirmed
  • 2016-IP4; Developments in Renewable Methanol Production
  • 2016-IP2; 2nd International Forum on Recent Developments of CCS
  • 2016-IP1; Impurities in the  CO2 Stream Effect on the Storage Complex & Well Materials

2015 IPs

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  • 2015-IP32; COP21 CCS Achievements and Opportunities for Developing Country Involvement
  • 2015-IP31; Analysis - the key announcements from Day 1 at COP21
  • 2015-IP29; Emissions Performance Standards - For or Against?
  • 2015-IP28; HFC's Included in Montreal Protocol
  • 2015-IP27; Pathways to Commercilisation Event
  • 2015-IP26; Extreme Weather and Climate Change - "The Proof if Proof was Needed"
  • 2015-IP25; CSLF Ministerial in Riyadh
  • 2015-IP24; INDC's and Implications for CCS
  • 2015-IP23; Status Report on Direct Air Capture
  • 2015-IP22; Energy Storage
  • 2015-IP21; Report on London Convention Meeting LC-37
  • 2015-IP20; Risk Management Network and Environment Research Network Combined Meeting
  • 2015-IP19; CO2 MultiStore Optimising CO2 Storage around the UK - London Launch
  • 2015-IP18; Impact of Other GHG's and Air Pollutants on the 20C Carbon Budget
  • 2015-IP17; First Reports Released from UK FEED on Peterhead and White Rose Projects
  • 2015-IP16; The IEA Position on CCS
  • 2015-IP15; Rating Country Commitments to COP21
  • 2015-IP14; Is a Mini Ice Age on the Way that will Stop Global Warming?
  • 2015-IP13; ADEME's CCUS Symposium
  • 2015-IP12; Exploring Methane Emissions with IPIECA
  • 2015-IP11; Global Emissions of Carbon Dioxide from the Energy Sector Stalled
  • 2015-IP10; The Earth's getting Hotter and So Does the Scientific Debate
  • 2015-IP9; The Water/Climate Change Nexus 
  • 2015-IP8; The Case for a Low Carbon Energy Transition in the UK
  • 2015-IP7; IEA Industry Co-ordination Group Webinar in Heat Waste Recovery
  • 2015-IP6; Rivers in the Sky? No, it's not Science Fiction
  • 2015-IP5; The World of Carbon Trading As It Stands Today
  • 2015-IP4; US Actions to Reduce Methane Emissions
  • 2015-IP3; US and India Climate and Clean Energy Cooperation
  • 2015-IP2; The Finance Sector Needs CCS. So is this this a new source of funding for demonstration and deployment of CCS projects?
  • 2015-IP1; GHGT-12 Feedback and Conference Statistics

2014 IPs

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  • 2014-IP28; Orbiting Carbon Observatory
  • 2014-IP27; The Trouble with Abandonded Wells
  • 2014-IP26; on COP-20 and IEA paper on CCS and UNFCCC Mechanisms
  • 2014-IP24; IEA World Outlook 2014- Executive Summary
  • 2014-IP23; US-China Joint Announcement on Climate Change and Clean Energy Cooperation
  • 2014-IP22; IPCC 5th Assessment Report and CCS
  • 2014-IP21; NGO and Media response to IPCC AR5 Summary Report
  • 2014-IP20; Communicating Climate Science
  • 2014-IP19; Report on London Convention meeting LC-36 and LP-9
  • 2014-IP18; IEAGHG GHGT-12 Conference
  • 2014-IP17; Black Carbon - a double edged sword
  • 2014-IP16; UN Climate Summit - Ban Ki-moon Final Summary
  • 2014-IP15; 3rd International Conference on Chemical Looping
  • 2014-IP14; Guangdong Province China CCUS and Carbon Trading Initiatives
  • 2014-IP13; Record Electricity Generation From Renewables in Germany
  • 2014-IP11; Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration
  • 2014-IP10; Looking Beyond Demonstration for Oxyfuel Combustion Coal Fired Power Plant
  • 2014-IP8; The Added Benefit Greenhouse Gas Mitigation has in Reducing Air Pollution
  • 2014-IP7; Pilot Plant Trial of Oxy-combustion as a Cement Plant
  • 2014-IP6; Octavius 'International Workshop on Emissions from Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Process
  • 2014-IP4; Recent Biomass Related Developments
  • 2014-IP3; Final Report from COP-19 Warsaw 2014-IP2 Carbon capture technology could be vital for climate targets

2013 IPs

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  • 2013-IP34; Site Char Closing Conference 28th November 2013, IFP, Paris
  • 2013-IP33; RICS Workshop 25th September 2013, London
  • 2013-IP32; North American Wellbore Integrity Workshop
  • 2013-IP31; Drawing Down N2O to Protect Climate and the Ozone Layer
  • 2013-IP30; New Report on Ocean Acidification
  • 2013-IP29; HFC's Amendment Stalled
  • 2013-IP28; CSLF Meeting, Washington DC, 4-7 November 2013
  • 2013-IP27; Geoengineering in the London Convention 2013
  • 2013-IP26; CCS in the London Convention - Update from the 2013 Meeting
  • 2013-IP25; Impact of N2O on the Greenhouse Effect and Ozone Depletion
  • 2013-IP24; Corrosion Workshop Discussion Summary
  • 2013-IP23; HCFC Substitution
  • 2013-IP22; Water Intensity of Power Generation
  • 2013-IP21; Ozone Hole and Global Warming Linked
  • 2013-IP20; Maritime Carbon Capture and Storage
  • 2013-IP19; Electochemically Mediated Amine Regeneration
  • 2013-IP18; Latest Research on Geo-Engineering
  • 2013-IP17; Planes, Trains and Automobiles
  • 2013-IP16; Developments on EU Biofuels Policy
  • 2013-IP15; New Report on Impacts of Climate Change from World Bank
  • 2013-IP13; EASAC CCS Report
  • 2013-IP12; EU Votes to Reduce HFC's
  • 2013-IP11; BP Statistical Review of World Energy June 2013
  • 2013-IP10; New Developments in Offshore Wind
  • 2013-IP9; Cement Plant CO2 to DME Process
  • 2013-IP8; US Champions Bilateral Agreements
  • 2013-IP7; IEAGHG Impact on CCS Policy
  • 2013-IP6; Implications of Biofuels
  • 2013-IP5; Obstacles to International Climate Action
  • 2013-IP4; Global Sulphur-Dioxide Emissions
  • 2013-IP3; Word Usage
  • 2013-IP2; Algal Biofuels
  • 2013-IP1; Unintended Consequences of Low Carbon Policies

2012 IPs

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  • 2012-IP20; Climate and Clean Air Coalition
  • 2012-IP19; Update on Ocean Fertilisation
  • 2012-IP18; COP-18 Outcomes
  • 2012-IP17; Metal Organic Frameworks
  • 2012-IP16; Environmental Assessmnet of CO2 Storage
  • 2012-IP15; CO2 Injection into Methane Hydrates
  • 2012-IP14; ONS Stavanger 2012
  • 2012-IP13; Power Generation from Saline Water
  • 2012-IP12; Ocean Fertilisation
  • 2012-IP11; Second Joint Network Meeting
  • 2012-IP10; Public acceptance of Wind Energy
  • 2012-IP9; Renewable Energy Issues 
  • 2012-IP6; 'Rio+20: The Future We Want' Conference
  • 2012-IP4; Direct Air Capture Update
  • 2012-IP3; UK CCS Roadmap
  • 2012-IP2; Air Conditioning & Climate Change
  • 2012-IP1; Rebuttal to Zoback Paper