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Clean Steel: Environmental and Technoeconomic Outlook of a Disruptive Technology

2024-02-Cover-Photo-Electric-Arc-Furnace-Web An electric arc furnace.

Steel stands as a fundamental pillar of our contemporary global economy, serving as a ubiquitous industrial commodity on a global scale. It plays an indispensable role, both in visible and concealed aspects of the modern world, encompassing crucial applications ranging from infrastructure and transportation to industrial machinery and packaging. No...

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The 7th Post-Combustion Capture Conference, Pittsburgh

PCCC-7-David-Miller-Keynot_20231005-154520_1 PCCC7 - Post Combustion Capture Conference

The 7th edition of the Post Combustion Capture Conference (PCCC-7) was held on the 25 – 27 September 2023 and was jointly hosted by the IEAGHG, U.S. Department of Energy and the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) and sponsored by Worley, Shell, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI). PCCC was designed as a forum to explore the current stat...

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The IETS Energy Future In Industry Conference, Gothenburg

The Industrial Energy-related Technologies and Systems (IETS) organised the Energy Future in Industry Conference on the 09 - 11 May 2023 at Gothenburg, Sweden. The meetings brought together experts from industry, academia, and policy sectors to discuss measures, opportunities, and obstacles for achieving energy-efficiency via industrial symbiosis a...

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7th IEAGHG CCS Cost Network Workshop

The 7th edition of the IEAGHG CCS Cost Network Workshop was held in the Energy Academy building at the University of Groningen, Netherlands, on 12‑13 April 2023. The invite-only workshop was designed as a highly interactive, engaging, specialized and streamlined event for international experts across the CCS value chain. All delegates were encourag...

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GHGT-16 site visits to IFP Energies Nouvelles (IFPEN) and Cimentalgue Project

As the 16th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference (GHGT-16) in Lyon, France came to a close. Two parallel site visits were embarked on Friday 28 October 2022. The first one was to the Limagne d'Allier basin, close to Clermont-Ferrand where natural CO2 migration through faults into rivers and groundwaters as well as impacts on the local env...

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GHGT-16 Panel Discussion 5C: CO2 impurities and implications for multiple source networks and hubs

The 5th Panel discussion (panellists pictured below) entitled 'CO2 Impurities for Multiple Source Networks and Hubs' took place on the 25th of October 2022 at the 16th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference. The Panel was chaired by Haroun Mahgerefteh, University College London. The panellists, their affiliation and the respective titl...

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GHGT-16: Final panel session and GHGT-17 announcement

The final day of the 16th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference (GHGT-16) in Lyon, France saw the conference delegates embarked on a live virtual tour of the Northern Lights Project (Figure 1) The Northern Lights (a partnership between Equinor, Shell and TotalEnergies) is a part of Norway's Longship Project to develop the world's first ope...

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World's First Commercial Pact on Cross-Border CO2 Transport and Storage

The world's first and ground-breaking commercial agreement between Northern Lights (a partnership between Equinor, Shell and TotalEnergies) and Yara (one of the world's largest fertiliser manufacturers) on cross-border carbon dioxide (CO2) transport and storage (T&S) was announced in Stavanger, Norway on the 29th of August 2022. Carbon Capture ...

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New IEAGHG Technical Report: 2022-07 Low Carbon Hydrogen from Natural Gas: Global Roadmap

In light of the need to address pertinent knowledge gaps with regards to the key aspects of blue (CCS-abated) hydrogen deployment, IEAGHG commissioned two parallel blue hydrogen studies. These studies are ''Blue Hydrogen - Beyond the Plant Gate'' which was designed to inform on the prospect of low carbon hydrogen from oil and oil-based feedstocks a...

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New IEAGHG Technical Report: 2022-06 Blue Hydrogen Beyond the Plant Gate

The momentum behind the hydrogen economy is unprecedented with government policy announcements to corporate commitments, and consortia and projects synergies. There is currently a global cognizance with regards to how low carbon hydrogen is critical to achieving the climate goals of limiting the global temperature rise to 1.50 Celsius. In spite of ...

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New IEAGHG Report: Feasibility Study on Achieving Deep Decarbonization in Worldwide Fertilizer Production

Food production is expected to increase due to global population growth and, consequently, fertilizer production will be essential for global food security. Currently, the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions linked to fertilizer production are approximately 400 Mt/year (over 1% of global energy-related CO2 emissions) with a predicted growth to 550 Mt/ye...

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New IEAGHG Technical Report: Prime Solvent candidates for next generation of post-combustion CO2 capture plants

Research, development, demonstration, and deployment of advanced solvents is at the forefront of decarbonising the fossil fuel combustion sectors with the aim of making solvent-based CO2 capture more competitive in a net zero economy.Considering the extensive research in solvent design and development, a rapid and reliable screening protocol is imp...

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Shell Catalysts & Technologies webinar on accelerating a sustainable recovery: Hydrogen technologies

On the very day (1st November 2021) the British Prime Minster, The Rt Hon Boris Johnson welcomed 120 head of governments at the COP26 in Glasgow for the last chance to keep the 1.50C alive, I took part in the Shell Catalysts & Technologies webinar on accelerating a sustainable recovery with a focus on hydrogen technologies. While the likes of y...

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Shell Catalysts & Technologies webcast on accelerating a sustainable recovery: Carbon Capture and Storage

With the backdrop of the veteran naturalist and filmmaker Sir David Attenborough's powerful speech at the COP26, the Head of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Fatih Birol, tweeted that, if the COP26 climate pledges were met in full, and on time, global warming could be limited to 1.8°C by 2100, but implementing them will need higher ambition, ...

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Asian Development Bank (ADB) Workshop on De-Carbonization of Cement Sector through CCUS

A virtual workshop on the De-Carbonization of the Cement Sector through Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) was hosted by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) on the 14th October 2021. The primary objective of the workshop was to present the findings of the prefeasibility study of the cement production CCUS project in India. Further, the wor...

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U.S. DOE Workshop on Modelling and Analysis of Energy Challenges to Meeting U.S. 2050 Goals

A two-day virtual workshop on modelling and analysis of energy challenges with the aim of meeting the US 2050 goals was held by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) on the 28th and 29th of September 2021. The aim of the workshop was to address and institute new and innovative ideas with regards to designing models that reflect future energy...

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