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Review of Aquistore Webinar presented on 12th May 2020

Aquistore, the CCS combine capture and storage demonstration project in south-east Saskatchewan, recently summarised five years of successful research.The site receives CO2 from the adjacent coal-fired Boundary Dam power-plant. Some of this CO2 is supplied to the local oil and gas operators for enhanced oil recovery.Periodically CO2 is sent to the ...

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New IEAGHG Report: 2020-04 The Clean Refinery and the Role of Electricity Generation

The primary aim of this study was to explore the role of the 'clean refinery' concept and how it could contribute to the Paris Agreement's long-term objective to curb peak global greenhouse gas emissions.  Various options for refineries are available depending, not only on the complexity and degree of integration, but also on whether a refiner...

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Kick-off meeting of the C4U project (Advanced Carbon Capture for steel industries integrated in CCUS Clusters)

I was delighted to attend the kick-off meeting of the C4U project on the 3rd April as one of the members of the advisory board. C4U (Advanced Carbon Capture for steel industries integrated in CCUS Clusters) is an interdisciplinary project addressing not only the integration of a CO2 capture system in the iron and steel industry but also a broa...

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GoMCarb Annual Meeting 2020

The Gulf of Mexico Partnership for Offshore Carbon Storage (GoMCarb) is a US DOE-funded partnership project to assess offshore storage of CO2 in the Gulf of Mexico region, with a concurrent partnership led by SECARB. The GoMCarb partnership is led by the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas, and brings together data and expertise i...

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New IEAGHG Reports: Monitoring & Environmental Research Combined Networks Meeting and Workshop on 'Faults and their significance for large-scale CO2 storage'

 These reports are summaries of the meetings held in August 2019 by IEAGHG; the Monitoring & Environmental Research Combined Networks Meeting and IEAGHG's first workshop on 'Faults and their Significance for Large-Sale CO2 Storage'.These two meeting were held back to back from the 20th – 23rd August 2019 and hosted by the University of Cal...

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Dear visitorsIEAGHG staff are now working remotely. I hope that you do not notice any difference as our staff are used to working away from the office. They continue to work UK office hours, messages left on the office landlines will be picked up by staff and responded to. Mail in the office is being checked regularly. However our external meetings...

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UK Government CCS funding pledge is a welcome boost

Although the Government's first Budget since last year's election win was overshadowed by the ongoing Coronavirus situation, carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology did receive a timely £800m boost from the recently installed Chancellor, Rishi Sunak. CCS will be an important tool in helping the Government reach its net zero carbon emissions tar...

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International Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Conference 2020 (iCCUS 2020) 25-26 February 2020, Riyadh

Subtitled "The Role of CCUS in Enabling a Circular Economy", iCCUS 2020 was co-hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Bahrain, represented by H.R.H. Abdulaziz Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Minister of Energy, and H.E. Shaikh Mohamed Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Minister of Oil, respectively.  Held over two days in Riyadh, Saud...

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New IEAGHG Technical Report: 2020-01 ‘Monitoring and modelling of CO2 storage: The potential for improving the cost-benefit ratio of reducing risk'

This report was prepared by Battelle and managed on behalf of IEAGHG by Samantha Neades. The intention of this work was to develop an understanding of where future research efforts in CO2 storage technologies should be focused on in the next decade, informing the potential directions for future research in order to fully maximise the potential bene...

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STEMM-CCS Open Science Meeting provides reassurance on offshore environmental monitoring

At the 4th International Workshop on Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage, the STEMM-CCS sessions provided a lot of reassurance on offshore environmental monitoring. Held jointly with the STEMM-CCS Open Science Meeting, the workshop attracted 150 CCS specialists from across the globe to the western Norwegian city of Bergen, with the University of Ber...

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IEAGHG Executive Committee meeting - Visits to Petra Nova and NET Power facilities

During our IEAGHG Executive Committee meeting, we were lucky to visit those two CCS projects, Petra Nova and NET Power. Since my last visit in June 2019 (see, those projects are still advancing and opening new perspectives ...

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CCUS 2019: “Capturing the Clean Growth Opportunities”

On Wednesday, 6 November, the UK Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA) hosted around 200 delegates at the CCUS 2019 conference in London. The one-day conference was the first of what is expected to be an annual event in the UK. In her welcoming remarks, Baroness Liddell of Coatdyke, CCSA President, apologised that, due to an important alter...

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An ‘Impression’ of the CSLF Technical Group meeting, Chatou, Paris

The CSLF Technical Group meeting was held in an attractive location associated with the famous Impressionist painters. It was hosted by EDF and Total on the Île des Impressionnistes in the river Seine, Chatou, near Paris, and dinner was held in the famous Maison Fournaise restaurant (as in Renoir's "Luncheon of the Boating Party" painting). This se...

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Isabelle Czernichowski-Lauriol of BRGM Awarded the Prestigious Legion of Honour Award

IEAGHG Executive Committee (ExCo) had their October meeting in Houston, Texas 23 - 24 October 2019. As part of this meeting, the Committee were treated to a dinner in the stunning Cullen Hall of Gems and Minerals at The Houston Museum of Natural Science. Kelly Thambimuthu (IEAGHG ExCo Chair) was delighted to announce that one of our very own member...

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International Knowledge-Sharing Symposium in Trinidad and Tobago

A symposium was held in Trinidad to assist with the development of a national CCS programme there. It was organized by the University of the West Indies (UWI), the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT), the Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas (BEG), and IEAGHG. It was hosted by the UTT at their Energy Campus near Point Lisas on ...

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3E Research Symposium at the Bureau of Economic Geology

The Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) at the University of Texas Austin held a research symposium on the 18 October. The theme was a favourite of the Director Scott Tinker – 'Energy, Economics and the Environment', with the Bureau operating in the intersection of these three areas. The event showcased their latest work in this intersection, drawing ...

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Positive Result on the London Protocol's CCS Export Amendment

I am very pleased to inform you that on Friday 11 October the London Protocol Parties at their annual meeting (LC41/LP14) approved a Resolution for Provisional Application of the 2009 CCS Export Amendment. This Provisional Application allows countries to agree to export and receive CO2 for offshore geological storage. This now removes the last sign...

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New IEAGHG Technical Report: 2019-09 'Further Assessment of Emerging CO2 Capture Technologies for the Power Sector and their Potential to Reduce Costs'

New Carbon Capture technologies are emerging and these must be techno-economically compared with well-established systems used for the power sector. IEAGHG identified the need of a comprehensive assessment of emerging CO2 capture technologies for this sector, and an evaluation of their potential to reduce costs. The objectives of this technical stu...

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PCCC5: 5th Post Combustion Capture Conference

It is with very high enthusiasm that we have delivered the 5th Post-Combustion-Capture-Conference (PCCC5). It took place last week in Kyoto (Japan), from the 17th to the 20th of September, including two site visits to Kawasaki (KHI) and Nanko Power station. PCCC-5 was a great opportunity to interact with the main stakeholders in Carbon Capture and ...

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Achieving Net Zero Conference, Oxford

I attended parts of the Achieving Net Zero Conference in Oxford which ran over 9-11 September 2019. It was organised by the Environmental Change Institute and Oxford Martin School at the University of Oxford, and co-hosted by Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. The conference aimed to "explore the social, political, ethical, ecolog...

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