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GHGT-16: Final panel session and GHGT-17 announcement

The final day of the 16th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference (GHGT-16) in Lyon, France saw the conference delegates embarked on a live virtual tour of the Northern Lights Project (Figure 1) The Northern Lights (a partnership between Equinor, Shell and TotalEnergies) is a part of Norway's Longship Project to develop the world's first ope...

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GHGT-16: Panel 6C on ‘Upstream emissions and the limits to emissions reductions from CCS’

This panel session was jointly moderated by Sean McCoy (University of Calgary) and Susan Hovorka (University of Texas). The panellists included Gaelle Cauchois (Carbon Limits), Rachael Moore (IEA), Jose Benitez (USDOE), and Jon Gibbins (University of Sheffield). The panels used a very interactive format, posing questions to the attendees, whic...

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GHGT-16: Session 5B, Storage Costs

Session 5B of the GHGT-16 conference looked at the costs of geological storage of CO2 and started with a brief recap of recent work from the Gulf Coast Carbon Center on early-stage costs of storage project characterisation. This recognised that the highest cost driver in a storage project is 3D seismic, which leads to the question – how much seismi...

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GHGT-16: Session 4B, Depleted Reservoirs & Injectivity

Session 4B of GHGT was held on Tuesday 25th October and heard international experts give insights into recent developments on depleted reservoirs and injectivity. Equinor began the session by sharing a simulation study of the Sleipner plume on the entire Utsira formation using a multi-physics modelling approach, which achieved a general understandi...

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GHGT-16: Day 2 Technical Plenary: TotalEnergies & US DOE

The second day of GHGT-16 started with a Technical Plenary introduced by Florence Delprat-Jannaud of ClubCO2. The first speaker was Christine Healy, Senior VP, Carbon Neutrality and Continental Europe, and member of the EP Executive Committee (CDEP) for TotalEnergies. Christine began by stressing how carbon neutrality and CCS is critically importan...

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GHGT-16: Opening Plenary

Welcome Addresses Kelly Thambimuthu, Chairman of the IEAGHG Programme (custodian of the GHGT conference series), kicked off proceedings by welcoming all to this conference, the 16th in the GHGT Series with the inaugural one held back in 1998. Dr Thambimuthu thanked the local hosts of this conference, ClubCO2, ADEME, IFP Energies Nouvelles, BRG...

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New IEAGHG Technical Report: 2022-11 Applying ISO Standards to Geologic Storage and EOR Projects

This study, undertaken by DNV on behalf of IEAGHG, aimed to summarise and synthesise the two ISO Standards relevant to the geological storage of CO2: – ISO 27914:2017 ('Carbon dioxide capture, transportation and geological storage - Geological storage') and ISO 27916:2019 ('Carbon dioxide capture, transportation and geological storage - Carbon...

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Global Clean Energy Action Forum (GCEAF) in Pittsburgh

This new acronym represented the combined annual Ministerial meetings of both the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM13) and Mission Innovation (MI-7) and took place from the 21 to 23 September. Over 5000 people attended in-person from around 32 countries. There was a very busy side-event programme with nineteen parallel events at any one time, totalling...

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IEEFA report critical of CCS - but it presents a misleading picture

A recent critical report published by the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), entitled "The Carbon Capture Crux", has poured considerable scepticism on CCS as a viable mitigation option. The report, apparently written by two energy analysts with backgrounds in economics and finance, focuses on the under achievement of lead...

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World's First Commercial Pact on Cross-Border CO2 Transport and Storage

The world's first and ground-breaking commercial agreement between Northern Lights (a partnership between Equinor, Shell and TotalEnergies) and Yara (one of the world's largest fertiliser manufacturers) on cross-border carbon dioxide (CO2) transport and storage (T&S) was announced in Stavanger, Norway on the 29th of August 2022. Carbon Capture ...

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NETL 2022 Carbon Management Project Review Meeting, Pittsburgh – Open Plenary (Monday 15th August)

The NETL 2022 Carbon Management Project Review Meeting kicked off its opening plenary session 'Launching the CCUS Industry of the Future' with an introduction from Dr Brian Anderson (Director, NETL). There was a general feeling of excitement. Not only was this a fully packed conference with a cap at 650 attendees, and the first in-person for three ...

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New beginnings for carbon capture with Section 45Q tax credits in the United States

The passing of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022, HR 5376, represents a new beginning for the role of carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies for industrial decarbonization to combat climate change. While the IRA promotes a technology-neutral approach, where many technologies qualify by meeting emissions goals, it provi...

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New IEAGHG Technical Report: 2022-09 Defining the Value of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage for a Low-Carbon Future

To limit global warming to well below 2°C, countries must achieve net-zero emissions by around mid-century. The energy transition needed to achieve this goal presents a daunting task for most countries. To help inform the energy transition, IAMs have been used to identify the lowest-cost mitigation pathways for countries to achieve economy-wide, ne...

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New IEAGHG report: 2022-08 Start-Up and Shutdown Protocol for Power Stations with CO2 Capture

In modern power grids, a power plant with CO2 capture will be required to operate as a low-carbon, flexible, dispatchable power generator. With increased penetration of intermittent renewables, greater load-following is likely and a rise in the frequency of start-up/shutdown cycles would be expected. If it transpired that frequent start-up/shutdown...

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New IEAGHG Technical Report: 2022-07 Low Carbon Hydrogen from Natural Gas: Global Roadmap

In light of the need to address pertinent knowledge gaps with regards to the key aspects of blue (CCS-abated) hydrogen deployment, IEAGHG commissioned two parallel blue hydrogen studies. These studies are ''Blue Hydrogen - Beyond the Plant Gate'' which was designed to inform on the prospect of low carbon hydrogen from oil and oil-based feedstocks a...

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New IEAGHG Technical Report: 2022-06 Blue Hydrogen Beyond the Plant Gate

The momentum behind the hydrogen economy is unprecedented with government policy announcements to corporate commitments, and consortia and projects synergies. There is currently a global cognizance with regards to how low carbon hydrogen is critical to achieving the climate goals of limiting the global temperature rise to 1.50 Celsius. In spite of ...

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New Supervisory Body for Paris Agreement Article 6.4 mechanism considers Removals

The first meeting of the newly-appointed Supervisory Body for Article 6.4 was just held, over 4 days from the 25th to the 28th July. This is a very important part of the Paris Agreement, as it will create a new mechanism for international cooperation based on projects and carbon credits. To quote the UNFCCC, "The Article 6.4 Mechanism is designed t...

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New IEAGHG Technical Report: 2022-10 Mineral Carbonation using Mine Tailings – A Strategic Overview of Potential and Opportunities

Mineral Carbonation using Mine Tailings – A Strategic Overview of Potential and Opportunities This report from IEAGHG is a review of the current status of mineral carbonation using mine tailings consisting of rock fragments that are known to be reactive with CO2. Many key industrial metals including nickel, chromium and platinum group metals (PMG) ...

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CCS history in the making - CSLF visit to the Northern Lights Receiving Terminal at Oygarden

The CSLF delegates meeting in Bergen got the pleasure of a site visit to the Northern Lights Receiving Terminal at Oygarden. This place will go down in CCS history as the first of its kind in the world, being able to receive and store CO2 from anywhere in the world. It was impressive to see the progress made as it is now in construction, compared w...

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Key Accomplishments at SB56, Bonn, Germany

 Arthur Lee, Chevron Fellow and Principal Advisor gives an overview of the key accomplishments of SB56 in Bonn, Germany. The road to COP27 Sharm El Sheik ran through the SB56 sessions at Bonn, the seat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). It was a winding road with some issues that saw paths forward; some issu...

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