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Technical Report

Monitoring & Modelling Meeting

  • 1 February 2017
  • Event Proceedings
  • Storage

The combined meeting of the IEAGHG Monitoring and Modelling Networks took place at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation from the 6-8th July 2016. The meeting brought together leading experts from research and industry to discuss the latest work and developments, with around 60 participants from 11 countries participating.The theme for this meeting was ‘using the modelling-monitoring loop to demonstrate storage performance more effectively’. Sessions on monitoring included induced seismicity, novel monitoring techniques, monitoring costs, near-surface natural variability, monitoring CO<sub>2</sub>-EOR, wellbore integrity issues, modelling environmental conditions, updates from ongoing and closed projects, lessons from other industries, modelling reservoirs and overburden, pressure measurements and conformance in the monitoring modelling loop.

Technical Report

Monitoring Network and Modelling Network – Combined Meeting

  • 1 February 2015
  • Event Proceedings
  • Storage

The objective of this project is to test near surface monitoring of CO2 during a controlled release experiment. By monitoring released CO2 the sensitivity of monitoring systems could be determined. Data could then be used to test and calibrate migration models under controlled conditions enabling results to be up-scaled to full-scale storage sites. The results can also be used to develop a monitoring protocol. Although this is a near-surface (<20m controlled release) deeper (100m – 300m) releases are planned.

Technical Report

Summary report of the IEAGHG Modelling Network and the Risk Management Network Meeting

  • 1 November 2013
  • Event Proceedings
  • Storage

The three day event consisted of a day dedicated to modelling applications; a second day covering a variety of risk management issues and a final day where topics involving both topics were discussed.  The meeting was preceded by visits to the SINTEF research facility in Trondheim and the CO<sub>2</sub> pipeline test facility at the Statoil Rotvoll site.  During the visit to SINTEFF delegates were shown lab-scale development of new solvents for CO<sub>2</sub> capture and an oxy-fuel combustion test rig.

Technical Review

2nd Meeting of the Geological Storage Modelling Network

  • 1 April 2010
  • Event Proceedings
  • Storage

The second meeting of the IEAGHG International Research Network on CO2 Geological Storage Modelling was hosted by the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, on February 16th and 17th, 2010. The meeting comprised four technical sessions: Modelling Methodology and Recent Advances, Integrated Roles and Objectives of Modelling, Modelling of Real Storage Projects; Case Studies and International Efforts towards Best Practice and Modelling Protocols. The agenda was designed to provide ample time for discussions between participants, with breakout groups in sessions 1 and 2, and plenary discussions following sessions 3 and 4. Discussions following Session 1 focussed on recent advances in modelling. Current theoretical and laboratory scale research has continued to advance our understanding of the processes which will control the behaviour of stored CO2 in the subsurface and govern potential leakage mechanisms. However, there was a consensus that an increased number of large-scale storage projects are required to provide data with which modelling methods can be calibrated

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