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Date: 23 – 24 August 2005

Offices of TNO-NITG Utrecht, Netherlands

Organised by IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme and TNO-NITG

Thank you for your participation in the Risk Assessment Meeting and to TNO for their hospitality.



The launch meeting of the Risk Assessment Network follows two previous meetings on Risk Assessment - London, UK, February 2004 (35.1MB Adobe Acrobat PDF) and Vancouver, Canada, September 2005 (6.7MB Adobe Acrobat PDF) – which had been organised to bring together the key groups working on risk assessment for CO2 storage from around the world and to address the development of an international network.

The key message from the initial meetings was that to gain public acceptance of CO2 capture and storage two key areas will need to be demonstrated: that the technology is safe and that its environmental impact is limited. The main process for estimating the risk of leakage and its potential environmental impact will be a risk assessment. To gain public acceptance of CO2 capture and storage (CCS) the regulators and public will also need to have confidence in these predictions. To gain such confidence it will be necessary to benchmark the difference approaches being used in an open and transparent manner, so that the results are understood and the implications of the results on ecosystems and human health can be fully appreciated.

Following the second risk assessment meeting held last year after GHGT-7 in Vancouver (September 2004), an outline proposal was developed to incorporate the needs and desires expressed by those who attended the meeting. The draft proposal was circulated to all who attended the meeting at the beginning of 2005 with a request for comments by end of March 2005. The proposal aims to explain the operation, tasks and structure of the network and how it will operate the benchmarking process and identify the gaps in understanding. The proposal forms the basis of the launch meeting.

Available:Outline Proposal for the Establishment of a Risk Assessment Network (0.2MB Adobe Acrobat pdf).

Workshop aims and objectives:

The aim of the meeting was to launch the Risk Assessment Network, review the recent developments in risk assessment and to establish the working groups. The meeting provided the first opportunity for the working groups to meet and to set their structure, agenda and technical scope.

The objective of the meeting was to formalise the operations of the Risk Assessment Network and develop a plan for future activities.

Workshop Outcomes:

1) Establishment of risk assessment network
2) Establishment of key technical working groups and future network plans
3) Determine timeline for network


UKOOA website

CO2GeoNet website

ZERT website

Report of the meeting:

The Final Report is available here (1MB Adobe Acrobat PDF)

Contact details:

For further information please contact:
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