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Greenhouse Cuttings

For some time, the IEAGHG newsletter, Greenhouse Issues, included a series of short articles on subjects that were either too short for a full article, or occurred too close to the printing deadline for inclusion as a full article, but were still worthy of inclusion. Greenhouse Cuttings was a useful section of the newsletter, but with the increase in news articles regarding CCS, climate change and related topics, the section was becoming increasingly large, and many articles worthy of note were being left out either due to space, or time constraints. Often important articles were appearing in the news a week or so after the publication of the newsletter, and by the time the next issue was published, this was ‘old news’.

In September 2009, IEAGHG stopped including the Greenhouse Cuttings section in the newsletter, and instead relied on an external news service, developed by Kalev Leetaru of the University of Illinois. The service scans hundreds of websites and news services on a daily basis, covering over 100,000 news articles each day.

From this, the service extracts articles relating to CCS and climate change, and collates them into an easy to use, easy to read series of reports. The system then notes the articles covered by more than one source, articles that are emerging and gaining more coverage by comparing the articles to those appearing in previous days reports, and provides a short summary of all articles to enable quick scanning of topics.

To access this service, simply click on this link and either subscribe to daily updates to your email inbox, or scan the reports as and when you wish.

Additionally, the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum (CSLF) run a news service, which can be found at

IEAGHG staff occasionally become aware of, or are notified of other news stories, and these will appear here as and when they emerge. Please check back regularly for updates.