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Technical Session 1

Time Session Paper
Demonstration and Large Scale Pilot Plant Projects (1)
14.00  1A

Three Years of Operational Experience of Vattenfall’s Oxyfuel Pilot Plant: Uwe Burchardt, Vattenfall Europe Generation AG, Germany 

14.20  1A

CIUDEN PC Boiler Technological Development for Power Generation: Pedro Otero, CIUDEN, Spain

14.40  1A

Lacq CCS Pilot Plant: Operational Feedback of the Surface Facilities One Year After Start-Up:Samuel Lethier, TOTAL, France

15.00  1A

CIUDEN CFB Boiler Technological Development: Arto Hotta, Foster Wheeler Energia Oy, Finland

15.20  1A

CO2 Capture Project Phase 3 – Oxyfuel Large Scale Pilot and Demonstration Projects: Leonardo Fialho de Mello, Petrobas, Brazil

Oxyfuel Combustion Fundamentals
14.00  1B

Pulverized Coal Ignition Delay under Conventional and Oxy-Fuel Combustion Conditions: Christopher Shaddix, Sandia National Laboratory, USA

14.20  1B

Fundamental Study on the Devolatilization of the Pulverized Coal in N2 and CO2 Conditions with Drop Tube Furnace: Takamasa Ito, IHI Corp., Japan

14.40  1B Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Devolatilisation and Char Oxidation in Oxycombustion Conditions: Jaroslaw Hercog, IPE, Poland
15.00  1B

Ignition Behavior of Pulverized Coals in Lower Oxygen Content O2/CO2 Atmosphere: Zhaohui Liu, Huazhong University, China

15.20  1B

An Investigation of the Causes of the Difference in Coal Particle Ignition Temperature in Air and in Oxy-Fuel Combustion Conditions: Yu Qiao, Huazhong University, China

Oxyfuel CFB (1)
14.00 1C

Development of Advanced Oxyfuel-CFB Combustion Leading to Zero Emission Power Generation: Horst Hack, Foster Wheeler North America, USA

14.20 1C

Assessment of Oxyfuel Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers - Modeling and Experiments in a 5 MW Pilot Plant: Sadegh Seddjosiri, Chalmers University, Sweden

14.40 1C

Oxy-fuel Tests and Results Using a Pilot-scale Circulating Fluidized Bed: Yewen Tan, CANMET Energy, Canada~

15.00 1C

Experience of Operating a Small Pilot-Scale Oxy-Fuel CFB Test Rig: Tomasz Czakiert, Czestochowa University, Poland

15.20 1C

Oxyfuel Combustion of Alternative Fuels Based on Results from a Circulating Fluidized Bed Pilot Rig: Stefan Penthor, Vienna University, Austria