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IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

Day 1 -13th September
08.20 -10.40 Welcome & Keynote
Dr.Kelly Thambimuthu, IEAGHG
Prof. Lars Stromberg, Vattenfall AB
Prof. Ken Okazaki, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Chris Spero, CS Energy/COSPL 
11.10 -12.40 Plenary/Panel Session
Callide Oxyfuel Project Engineering/Commissioning Experience
1. Boiler Retrofit Design: Terutoshi Uchida, IHI
2. CO2 Plant Capture Design: Philippe Court, Air Liquide
3. Commisioning Experience and Preliminary Operational Results: Chris Spero, CSOSPL/CS Energy 
14.00-15.40 Session 1A – Demonstration and Large Scale Pilot Plant Project (1) Session 1B – Oxyfuel Combustion Fundamentals (1) Session 1C – OxyCFB (1)
16.05 -17.45 Session 2A – Oxygen Production and System Integration Session 2B – Oxyfuel Burner Development Session 2C – OxyCFB (2)
Day 2 - 14th September
08.20 -10.25 Keynote
Mick Buffier, Xstrata
John Wheeldon, EPRI
Ken Humphrey, FutureGen 2 Alliance 
10.50 -12.40 Plenary/Panel Session
Oxyfuel Demonstration Project - Technical Update 
1. The Demonstration Project at Jänschwelde, Technology and Politics - Not always in Harmony: Lars Stromberg, Vattenfall 
2. The OXYCFB300 Compostilla Project: Technological Development: Monica Lupion, CIUDEN 
3. FutureGen 2.0: Update: Denny McDonald, Babcock & Wilcox 
4. The Korean Activities of Oxyfuel Combustion: Young-Ju Kim, KEPRI 
14.00 -15.40 Session 3A – Demonstration and Large Scale Pilot Plant Project (2) Session 4B – Mercury and Trace Metal Emissions from Oxyfuel Combustion Session 3C – Chemical Looping Combustion
16.05 -17.45 Session 4A – Toward Commercialisation of Oxyfuel Technology Session 4B – Mercury and Trace Metal Emissions from Oxyfuel Combustion Session 4C – Material Development & Corrosion Issues
17.45 -19.15 Poster Session
Day 3 - 15th September
08.20 -10.20 Plenary/Panel Session
Development and Challenges of the CO2 Processing Unit 
1. Impurities Management in an Oxy-Combustion Power Plant: Jean-Pierre Tranier, Air Liquide 
2. Air Products Oxyfuel CO2 Compression and Purification Developments: Vince White, Air Products 
3. LINDE's Activities for Design and Development of the CO2 Processing  Unit in the Oxyfuel Power Plant: Roland Ritter, LINDE-KCA-Dresden GmbH
4. Purification of Oxy-Combustion Flue Gas for SOx/NOx Removal and Hjosir CO2 Recovery: Minish Shah, Praxair 
10.40 -12.40 Session 5A – Demonstration and Large Scale Pilot Plant Project (3) Session 5B – Oxyfuel Combustion Fundamentals (2) Session 5C – CFD and Process Modelling
14.00 -16.00 Session 6A – CO2 Quality Impacts and Pollution Control Session 6B – SOx and NOx Control Session 6C – Other Applications of Oxyfuel Combustion
16.25 -17.25 Closing Session
Chris Spero, COSPL/CS Energy
Klaus-Dieter Tigges, Hitachi 
Nicolas Perrin, Air Liquide
Monica Lupion, CIUDEN
John Topper, IEAGHG