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Technical Session 2

Time Session Paper
Oxygen Production and System Integration
16.05 2A

Oxygen Supply for CO2 Capture by Oxycoal Combustion: Paul Higginbotham, Air Products, plc, UK

16.25 2A

Air Separation Units for Oxy-Coal Power Plants: Minish Shah, Praxair, USA

16.45  2A

Air Separation Unit: Flexibility & Energy Storage: Richard Dubettier, Air Liquide, France

17.05 2A

Integration of Ion Transport Membrane Technology with Oxy-Combustion Power Generation Systems: Merrill Quintrell, EPRI, USA

17.25 2A

Oxy-Fired Process Heaters: A Scouting Study: Jamal Jamaluddin, Shell, USA

Oxyfuel Burner Development
16.05 2B

Evolving Oxy-Burner Firing Principles and a Pilot-Scale Burner Design into a Utility Boiler Firing System: Alan Paschedag, Siemens Energy Inc., USA

16.25 2B

Characterisation of Non-Stoichiometric Oxy-Coal Flames: Jan Peter Bohn, TU Munich, Germany

16.45 2B Development of and Advanced Oxy-Fuel Combustion Technology with Flue Gas Re-Circulation System, New Types of Burner and characteristics of Mill Performance: Toshihiko Mine, Babcock-Hitachi K.K, Japan
17.05 2B

Operational Characteristics of a Retrofitted Heavy oil Furnace: Transition form Air-Fuel to Oxy-Fuel Combustion: Tai Hui Lin, Nat'l Cheng Kung University.

17.25 2B

Testing and Evaluation of Advanced Oxyfuel Burner and Firing Concepts: Simon Grathwohl, IFK University of Stuttgart, Germany

Oxy CFB (2)
16.05 2C

Small Pilot Scale CFB Experiments under Air-and Oxygen-Firing Conditions: Antti Tourunen, VTT, Finland

16.25 2C

Mechanisms for Calcination and Sulfation of Limestone During Oxy-Fuel Combustion: Juan Chen, Monash University, Australia

16.45 2C

Variation of the Flue Gas Recirculation Rate for a Coal-Fired Oxyfuel Power Plant with Circulating Fluidised Bed Combustion: Matthias Weng, TUHH, Germany

17.05 2C

Experimental Research of he Oxyfuel Combustion in a Circulating Fluidised Bed: Konrad Klos, Czestochowa University, Poland