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Technical Session 5

Time Session Paper
Demonstration and Large Scale Pilot Plant Projects (3)
10.40 5A

Flue Gas Desulphurisation for hot Recycle Oxyfuel Combustion: Experiences from the 30MWth Oxyfuel Pilot Plant at Schwarze Pumpe: Uwe Burchhardt, Vattenfall R&D AB, Sweden

11.00 5A

CO2 Processing Experiences for Oxyfuel Combustion CO2 Capture - Based on Results from Vattenfall's 30 MWth Oxyfuel Pilot Plant: Uwe Burchhardt, Vattenfall R&D AB, Sweden

11.20 5A

Development of the CO2 Demonstration Plant from Experience of the CO2 Pilot Plant Schwarze Pumpe: Roland Ritter, Linde KCA Dresden GmbH, Germany

11.40 5A

Commissioning and First Experiences of the Operation of "Alternative CO2 Pilot Plant" (ACPP at Schwarze Pumpe: Lars Stromberg, Vattenfall

12.00 5A

The Vattenfall-Air Products Oxyfuel CO2 Compression and Purification Pilot Plant at Schwarze Pumpe - Initial Results: Vince White, Air Products PLC, UK

12.20 5A FutureGen2.0: ASU and CPU Design and Integration: Frederick Lockwood, Air Liquide, France
Oxyfuel Combustion Fundamentals (2)
10.40 5B

Combustion Observation of Co-Firing with Bituminous and Sub-Bituminous Coals in Oxyfuel Condition: Gyungmin Choi, Pusan National University, South Korea

11.00 5B

Modelling of Particle Radiation in Oxyfuel Flames: Klas Andersson, Chalmers University, Sweden

11.20 5B Evaluation of Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Commercial Scale Oxyfuel Boiler: Yoshiharu Hayashi, hitachi Ltd., Japan
11.40 5B

Impacts of Oxyfuel Combustion on Coal Ash and Deposits: Jost Wendt, Utah University, USA

12.00 5B

Effect of Flue Gas Recycle Composition on Ash Coal Aerosol Chemistry in Oxy-Fired Combustion: William Morris, Utah University, USA

12.20 5B Multimodal Flame Stabilities of 40kW Co-Axial Pulverized Oxy-coal Jets: Jost Wendt, Utah University, USA
CFD and Process Modelling
10.40 5C

Comparisson of RANS and LES Turbulance Models for Predicting Air-Coal and Oxy-Coal Combustion Behaviours: Alessandro Pranzitelli, Leeds University, UK

11.00 5C

Three Dimensional Modelling of a 300MWe Flexi-Burn CFB for Multifuel Combustion in Oxygen-Fired and Air-Fired Modes: Journi Ritvanen, Lappeenranta University, Finland

11.20 5C

Assessment of of Full-Scale Boiler Oxy-Combustion Retrofit using CFD Modelling: Andrew Fry, Reaction Engineering, USA

11.40 5C

An Integrated CFD-Process Model for Oxy-Coal Combustion: Alessandro Pranzitelli, Leeds University, UK

12.00 5C

Prediction of Combustion andnHeat Recovery Characteristics of Oxy-Combustion Boiler using CFD: Makoto Takafuji, IHI Corp., Japan

12.20 5C Large Eddy Simulation of a Pulverised Coal Burner under Ait and Oxy-Firing Conditions: Benjamin Franchetti, Imperial College London, UK