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Tuesday 10th September 2013
Opening Plenary and Keynote Presentations (Theatre Bergidum)
CFB Technology Solutions for CO2 Capture: Arto hotta, Foster Wheeler Energia
Keeping the Pilot Falme Aljosirt..An Overview to CUIDEN's R&D Activities - The Way Forward: Pedro Otero, CIUDEN
Technical Plenary 1
Lunch (Move to Castle)
Session 1
1A Large Scale Oxyfuel Pilot Plant Experience 1B Fundamentals ‐ Flue Gas Processing and Compression 1C Fundamentals ‐ Heat Transfer and Combustion Diagnostics  1D Fundamentals ‐ Ash Deposition, Corrosion and Material Selection 
Session 2
2A Fundamentals ‐ Oxy‐PC Combustion Experiments 2B Oxygen Production Development and its Integration 2C SOx and Nox Emissions from Oxyfuel Combustion Boiler 2D Oxy‐CFB Combustion
Close Day 1
Dinner Sponsored by ALSTOM
Wednesday 11th September
Keynote Presentations (Theatre Bergidum)
FutureGen2.0- Leading the Demonstration of Oxyfuel Combustion Technology: Ken Humphreys, FutureGen Alliance
Research & Development of Oxyfuel Combustion in China: Prof Zheng Chuguang, Huazzhong University of Science and Technology
The Storage Dimension of the Oxy-Combustion Based on Integrated CCS Project of Lacq and Rousse: Dominique Copin, Total
Technical Plenary 2
Lunch (Move to Castle)
Workshops/ Session 3

Workshop 1

Corrosion of Superheater Tube Materials Under Oxyfuel Combustion Conditions

Workshop 2

Developments in Oxy‐CFB Combustion

3C Coal Devolatilsation and Char Burnout 3D Ash Chemistry and Deposition
Workshop 1 cont. Workshop 2 cont. Industry Oxyfuel Poster Session
Poster Session
Dinner Sponsored by CIUDEN
Thursday 12th September
Session 4 (Castle)
4A Commercial Development ‐ Stakeholder's Perspective 4B Flue Gas Processing & CO2 Recovery from CPU Vent  4C Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Oxy‐PC Power Plant 4D Biomass Co‐Firing and Other Non‐Conventional Fuels 
Session 5
5A Hg/Trace Elements Emissions and Control under Oxyfuel Combustion Condition 5B CO2 Processing Unit 5C Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Oxy‐CFB Power Plant 5D Chemical and Calcium Looping Combustion Technology
Session 6
6A Bubbling Fluidized Bed Combustion 6B Oxy‐NG Combustion Technology 6C Process Integration and Exergy Analysis 6D Novel Hybrid Oxyfuel Combustion Concepts
Break (Move to Theatre Bergidum)
Closing Session
Chris Spero 
 Jean-Pierre Tranier
Lars Stromberg 
Nick Otter 
Filip Johnsson 
John Topper
Dinner Sponsored by Vattenfall
Friday 13th September  - Tour to OxyCFB300 Compostilla Project