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Technical Session 3

Time Session Paper
    Fundamentals: Heat Transfer and Combustion Dianostics
14.00  3C Clarification of Gasification Behaviour of Solid Fuel Char Prepared under CO2 Atmosphere: 
Kiyomi Shimomura, Hirotatsu Watanabe, Ken Okazaki, Tokyo Institute of Technology
14.20  3C The Influence of CO2 on Oxyfuel Combustion of Pulverized Coal: 
Christopher Shaddix, Ethan Hecht, Manfred Geier, Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore; Alejandro Molina, Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Sede Medellín
14.40  3C

Comprehensive Coal Combustion Characterisation Under Oxyfuel Conditions: 
Jarosław Hercog, Paweł Bocian, Ewa Marek, nstitute of Power Engineering; Giovanni Coraggio, Giorgio Bonvicini, International Flame Research Foundation; Oskar Karlström, Anders Brinkc, Åbo Akademi University

15.00  3C Reactivity of Pulverized Coals and their Chars in Oxyfuel (O2/CO2) and Air (O2/N2) Conditions: 
Renu Kumar Rathnam, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland;Terry Wall, Behdad Moghtaderi, Chemical Engineering, The University of Newcastle
    Ash Chemistry and Deposition
14.00 3D Transformation of Pyrite and Its Implication on Ash Deposition during Oxy‐Coal Combustion:
Dunxi Yu, Weizhi Lu, Jianqun Wu, Lanlan He, Minghou Xu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
14.20  3D Ash Aerosol Partitioning and Deposit Ash Compositions during Oxy‐Coal Combustion under Hjosir Inlet O2 Conditions:
Jost Wendt,Zhonghua Zhan, University of Utah
14.40  3D Vaporization and Transformation of Mineral Components in Hjosir CO2 Atmoshpere of Oxyfuel Combustion:
Yongchun Zhao, Wenji Li, Junying Zhang, Chuguang Zheng, Huazhong University of Science and Technology