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Technical Session 4

Time Session Paper
    Commercial Development – Stakeholder’s Perspective
08.30  4A Feasibility Study of the CCS Deployment to Australia by Use of Oxyfuel Technologies:
Takahiro Tanaka, Terutoshi Uchida, Akihiro Komaki, Toshihiko Yamada, Naoki Fujiwara, Takashi Kiga, IHI Corporation; Chris Spero, CS Energy/Callide Oxyfuel Services Pty Ltd
08.50  4A Updated Overview of a Manufacturer’s Efforts to Commercialize Oxy‐Combustion for Steam Power Plants: 
John Marion, Armand Levasseur, ALSTOM Power; Armand, Frank Kluger, ALSTOM Boilers Deuchland GmbH;  Andreas Back, ALSTOM Power Sweden, Thierry Pourchot, ALSTOM Power Systems SA,  Benedicte Prodhomme, Alstom Power Systems; Olaf Stallmann,  Alstom Carbon Capture GmbH
09.10  4A The Concept of Vattenfall’s Oxyfuel Demo Plant:
Uwe Burchhardt, Steffen Lysk, Mario Biele, Vattenfall Europe
08.30  4A Integration of Oxy‐Combustion in a Large Size Ultra‐Supercritical Pulverized Coal Plants for a Competitive Solution:
Thierry Pourchot, François Granier, ALSTOM Power Systems SA; Benedicte Prodhomme, Alstom Power Systems SA; Patrick Mönckert, ALSTOM Boilers Deutschland GmbH; Olaf Stallmann, Alstom Carbon Capture GmbH
09.50 4A Oxy‐Combustion for Carbon Capture on Coal Power Plants: Advantages, Innovative 
Solutions and Key Projects: Nicolas Perrin, Richard Dubettier, Air Liquide
10.10 4A

Future Oxy‐Combustion Systems:
Cyrille Paufique, Claire Bourhy‐Weber, Jean‐Pierre Tranier, Air Liquide Research & Development

    Flue Gas Processing and CO2 Recovery from CPU Vent
08.30  4B Fine Particle and Mist Removal by a Wet ESP using 1.5 L/min/m2 for Oxygen‐Purverlized Coal Combustion:
Hak‐Joon Kim, Bangwoo Han, Yong‐Jin Kim, Sang‐In Keel, Korea Insitute of Machinery and Materials; Kinam Kwon, Jeong‐Hee Hong, KC Cottrell 
08.50  4B Performance and System Optimisation of Flue Gas Desulphurisation for Oxy‐coal Combustion:
Jinying Yan, Rainer Giering, Richard Faber, Uwe Burchhardt, Vattenfall BU R&D Projects; Michaela Zennegg, Thomas Schmidt,Babcock Noell GmbH
09.10  4B Technological Evaluation of Cryogenic CO2 Purification Processes:
Nouman Rafique Mirza, Alexander Alekseev, Linde AG, - Clean Energy; Andreas Kröner, Linde AG – Engineering Division
09.30  4B Experience of Flue Gas Processing at Alstom’s 15 MW Oxyfuel Pilot Plant:
Wuyin Wang, Alstom Power Sweden; James Kenney, Armand Levasseur, Alstom Power Inc.
09.50 4B Air Liquide’s Hjosir Recovery Near‐Zero Emissions CPU:
Mathieu Leclerc, Richard Dubettier, Frederick Lockwood, Air Liquide
10.10 4B Integration of an Oxygen‐containing Exhaust Gas into the Air Separation Unit of an Oxyfuel Power Plant with Maximized CO2 Capture Rate:
Jens Dickmeis, Alfons Kather, Hamburg University of Technology
    Biomass Co‐Firing and Other Non‐Conventional Fuel
08.30 4C Oxidation Kinetics of Oil Shale Under Oxy‐fuel Conditions:
C. R. Yörük, R. Kuusik, A. Trikkel, Laboratory of Inorganic Materials, Tallinn University of Technology;  T.Meriste, Estonian Energy SC
08.50 4C Impact of CO2 on Biomass Devolatilisation, Nitrogen Partitioning and Char Combustion ‐ A Drop Tube Furnace Analysis:
Timipere Farrow, Chenggong Sun, Colin Snape, University of Nottingham
09.10 4C Effect of Oxy-Fuel Combustion with Steam and Biomass Addition on Coal Burnout in an Entrained Flowe Reactor:
J. Riaza, L. Álvarez, M.V. Gil, C. Pevida, J.J. Pis, F. Rubiera, Instituto Nacional del Carbón
09.30 4C Co‐firing Performance of a Retrofitted Oxy‐Combustor Burning Coal/Biomass Blends: Experimental and Simulation Study:
Nelia Jurado, Hamidreza Darabkhani, E.J. Ben Anthony, John Oakey, Cranfield University
09.50 4C Co‐Combustion Tests of Coal and Biomass using a Pilot‐Scale Oxyfuel CFB:
Yewen Tan, Lufei Jia and Yinghai Wu, CanmetENERGY
10.10 4C Air and Oxyfuel Combustion of Torrefied Biomass in New Spiral Combustion Reactor:
Eyerusalem Gucho, Eddy Bramer, Gerrit Brem, University of Twente
    Modelling & Numerical Simulation of Oxy‐PC Power Plant
08.30 4D Dynamic Simulation of a Conceptual 600MWe Oxyfuel Combustion Power Plant:
Bo Jin, Haibo Zhao, Chuguang Zheng,  Huazhong University of Science and Technology
08.50 4D Numerical Simulations of Oxy‐Coal Combustion in Youngdong 100 MWe Retrofit Boiler:
Jungeun A. Kim, Sanghyun Park, Changkook Ryu, School of Mechanical Engineering, Sungkyunkwan University; Won Yang,Energy Systems R&D Group, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology; Young‐Joo Kim, Ho‐Young Park,  Power Generation Laboratory, Korea Electric Power Research Institute; Huk‐Pil Kim, Boiler PLM team, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction
09.10 4D Numerical Simulation of a Pilot Scale Combustion Test Facility in Air‐Coal and Oxy‐Coal Combustion Conditions:
Alessandro Pranzitelli, Alastair Clements, Rachael Porter, Lin Ma, Mohamed Pourkashanian, Energy Technology and Innovation Initiative;  M. Escoto de Tejada, Simone Grathwohl, Jeorg Maier, Gunter Scheffknecht, Institute of Combustion and Power Plant Technology (IFK)
09.30 4D Evaluation of Global Reaction Mechanisms for CFD Modelling of Oxyfuel Combustion:
Fredrik Normann, Stefan Hjärtstam, Klas Andersson, Filip Johnsson, Chalmers University of Technology
09.50 4D LES of Oxy‐Coal Combustion: An Investigation into Flame Stability:
Sandy Black, Janos Szuhánszki, Lin Ma, D.B. Ingham, Mohamed Pourkashanian, University of Leeds
10.10 4D CFD Model Applied for Studying Bench Scale Oxy‐Burner:
F. Vega, B. Navarette, M. Cano, M. Lupion, V. Cortez, University of Seville