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Technical Session 5

Time Session Paper
    Hg/Trace Elements Emissions and Controls Under Oxyfuel Combustion Condition
10.50  5A

Homogeneous Oxidation of Mercury during Combustion: A Comparison Between Combustion in Air and Oxy‐Combustion:
N. Fernandez‐Miranda, M.A. Lopez‐Anton, Mercedes Diaz‐Somoano, M. Rosa Martinez‐Tarazona, Instituto Nacional del Carbón (CSIC)\

11.10  5A Investigation of Mercury Measurement and Control Technologies under Oxy‐fired Conditions:
Brydger Van Otten, Reaction Engineering International; Bradley Adams, Andrew Fry, Geoffrey Silcox, Ignacio Preciado, University of Utah
11.30  5A A Comparison of Hg0 Re‐emission in WFGD Systems under Air and Oxyfuel Combustion Conditions:
Raquel Ochoa‐González, Mercedes Díaz‐Somoano and M. Rosa Martínez‐Tarazona, National Institute of Coal (INCAR‐CSIC)
11.50 5A Hjosir Pressure Conversion of Nox and Hg and their Capture as Aqueous Condensates in a Laboratory Oxyfuel Compression System:
Rohan Stanger, Timothy Ting, Terry Wall, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Newcastle
12.10  5A Mercury Capture by Regenerable Sorbents under Oxycoal Combustion Conditions:
C.Gómez‐Giménez, E.García‐Díez,  R.Juan, B.Rubio, M.T.Izquierdo, Instituto de Carboquímica, ICB-CSIC.; D.Ballestero, Universidad San Jorge.
12.30 5A Measuring Trace Elements during the December 2012 Callide Oxyfuel Trial:
Peter Nelson, Anthony Morrison, P. Sargent Bray, Graduate School of the Environment, Macquarie Unibversity; Hugh Malfroy, Malfroy Environmental Strategies; Rohan Stanger,  Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, Newcastle University; Chris Spero, CS Energy/Callide Oxyfuel Services Pty Ltd
    CO2 Processing Unit
10.50  5B Callide Oxyfuel Project ‐ Results from the CPU:
Claire Bourhy‐Weber, Frederick Lockwood, Ludovic Granados, Vanessa Turmel, Air Liquide
11.10  5B Characteristics of SOx and NOx in CO2 Processing and for Oxyfuel Combustion CO2 Capture:
Jinying Yan, Rainer Giering, Vattenfall R&D; Stephanie Tappe, Vattenfall Europe Generation AG; Helge Kaß,Vattenfall Europe Technology Research GmbH
11.30  5B NOx Processing Experiences for Removal in the CO2 Plant in the Oxyfuel Combustion Process:
Roland Ritter, Torsten Stoffregen, Linde Engineering Dresden GmbH; Nicole Schödel, Florian Winkler, Linde AG Linde Engineering Division
11.50 5B The Air Products–Vattenfall Oxyfuel CO2 Compression and Purification Pilot  Plant at Schwarze Pumpe:
Vince White, Andrew Wrjosirt, Air Products PLC; Stephanie Tappe, Vattenfall Europe Generation AG; Jinying Yan, Vattenfall Research & Development AB
12.10 5B GPU Pilot Operation and Energy Consumption:
Lars Nilsson, Alstom Power Sweden AB; Olaf Stallmann, Christian Britz, Alstom Carbon Capture GmbH
12.50 5B Dynamic Simulation and Control of a CO2 Compression and Purification Process for Oxy‐Coal Fired Power Plants:
A. Chansomwong, P. L. Douglas, E. Croiset, L. A. Ricardez‐Sandoval, Chemical Engineering Department, University of Waterloo; K. E. Zanganeh, A. Shafeen, CanmetENERGY, Natural Resources Canada
    Chemical and Calcium Looping Combustion Technology
10.50 5C Development of Metal Oxides Chemical Looping Process for Coal‐Fired Power Plants:
Corine Beal, Alstom Boiler France; Bernd Epple Technische Universität Darmstadt; Anders Lyngfelt, Chalmers University; J.Adanez, CSIC; Y. Larring, SINTEF; Y. Joumani, Air Liquide; B. Fillman, Vattenfall
11.10 5C Chemical Looping Air Separation (CLAS) Process for Oxygen Production: Process Simulations and Design of 5 kWth Bench Scale Unit:
Kalpit Shah, Behdad Moghtaderi, Jafar Zanganeh, Terry Wall, Yusuf Adel, University of Newcastle
11.30 5C Characterization of Natural Copper Ore in Anthracite Fuelled Chemical‐Looping with Oxygen Uncoupling (CLOU):
Daofeng Mei, Haibo Zhao, Yanfei Fang, Kun Wang, Chuguang Zheng, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
11.50 5C Validation of a Fuel Reactor Model for In‐situ Gasification Chemical Looping Combustion:
Alberto Abad, Juan Adánez, Luis F. de Diego, Pilar Gayán, Instituto de Carboquímica (ICB-CSIC); Francisco García‐Labiano, Anders Lyngfelt, Pontus Markström, Department of Energy and Environment, Chalmers University of Technology
12.10 5C Alstom’s Limestone‐Based (LCL™) Chemical Looping Process:
Iqbal Abdulally, Herbert Andrus, Paula Chapman, John Chiu, Carla Edberg, James Kenney, Shin Kang, Paula Thibeault, David Turek, Alstom Power Inc.; Bruce Lani, US DOE/NETL
12.30 5C CO2 recovery from CPU Vent by Ca‐Looping Process:
Matteo C. Romano, Politecnico di Milano
    Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Oxy‐CFB Power Plant
10.50 5D 3D Modelling of Oxygen Fired CFB Combustors in Different Scales:
Jarno Parkkinen, Kari Myöhänen, Timo Hyppänen, Lappeenranta University of Technology; Pasi Antikainen, Foster Wheeler Energia Oy; Manuel Gómez, Fundacion Ciudad de la Energia (CIUDEN)
11.10 5D 3D Modelling of Limestone Reactions in Oxygen Fired CFB:
Kari Myöhänen, Sirpa Rahiala, Timo Hyppänen, Lappeenranta University of Technology
11.30 5D Simulation Studies on Oxy‐CFB Boiler Dynamics and Control:
Jari Lappalainen, Hannu Mikkonen, Mikko Jegoroff, Andres Sanchez‐Biezma, Jenö Kovacs, Antti Tourunen
11.50 5D Withdrawn
12.10 5D 1‐D Dynamic Modelling of Oxygen Fired Coal Combustion in 30MWth CFB Boiler:
Jouni Ritvanen, Timo Hyppänen, Lappeenranta University of Technology; Jenö Kovacs, bFoster Wheeler Energia Oy; Abraham Fernández,Fundación Ciudad de la Energía (CIUDEN)
12.50 5D A Nonlinear Filtering tool for Analysis of Hot‐Loop Test Campaigns:
Enso Ikonen, University of Oulu; Jeno Kovacs, Foster Wheeler Energia