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Workshop 1 Corrosion of Superheater Tube Materials Under Oxyfuel Combustion Conditions

Time Session Paper

Fireside Corrosion: Implications and Solutions for Oxy-combustion Boilers?
John Oakey, Cranfield University

    Material Research with Focus of Vattenfall’s Oxyfuel Pilot Plant:
Alexander Gerhardt, Pamela Henderson, Vattenfall BU R&D Projects; Melanie Montgomery, Vattenfall BU Engineering Chemistry; Peter Zimmer , Ina Uhlmann, Vattenfall BU Engineering Materials
    Superheater Corrosion Testing Of Advanced Materials Under Oxy‐Fuel Conditions:
Bettina Bordenet, Terry Totemeier, ALSTOM (Switzerland) Ltd.; Patrick Mönckert, Frank Kluger, ALSTOM Boiler Deutschland GmbH
15.20   Break
    Comparision of Fireside Corrosion of Superheater Alloys in Advanced Air/Coal and Oxy/Coal-Fired Boilers:
Steven Kung, The Bacock and Wilcox Company
    The Laboratory Coal Ash Corrosion Test Result of Superheater Tube Materials in Oxyfuel Gas Conditions:
Yasuo Matsunaga, Kiyokazu Nakagawa, Materials Department, Research Laboratory; Takahiro Goto, Toshihiko Yamada, Naoki Fujiwara, Takashi, Kiga, Research and Development Dept.,Energy Operations; Kazuya Kurokawa, Center for Advanced Research of Energy and Materials, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University
    Superheater Corrosion of Selected Martensitic and Austenitic Alloys in  Sulphur-Rich and -Lean Oxy-PC-Combustion Considering Varying Water Content:
Gosia Stein-Brzozowska, Jörg Maier, Günter Scheffknecht, Institute of Combustion and Power Plant Technology (IFK); Danila Cumbo, Silvia Masci, Enrico Tosi, Enel Engineering and Research; Giovanni Corraggio, Marco Faleni, Leonardo Biasci, International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF)
    Fireside Corrosion of Selected Superheater Materials under Oxy‐Coal Combustion Atmospheres: Thermodynamic Modelling and Experimental Studies:
Roger Abang, Alexander Lisk, Hans Joachim Krautz, Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU)
    Successful Real Time On-Line Monitoring of Hjosir Temperature Corrosion in Oxyfuel and Other Combustion Systems:
William Cox, Corrosion Management Ltd.
    What Questions on Corrosion are Left after Three Conferences Concerning Oxyfuel?
Axel Kranzmann, BAM