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Special Session Other Industrial Application of Oxyfuel Combustion for CO2 Capture

Time Session Paper
15.40   CO2 Emission Reduction Potential and Technological Aspects of the Oxyfuel Technology in Cement Clinker Production:
Kristina Koring, Volker Hoenig, European Cement Research Academy (ECRA)
16.00   CO2 Processing Unit for Oxyfuel Fired Rotary Cement Kiln:
Kenneth Burgers, Stefan Laux, Minish Shah, Praxair, Inc.
16.20   Oxy‐Firing a Simulated Process Heater: CFD Analyses and Comparison with Test Data:
Jamal Jamaluddin, Shell Global Solutions (US); Cliff Lowe, Nick Brancaccio, Chevron Energy Technology Company; Jaime Erazo, Chuck Baukal, John Zink Company, LLC
16.40    Design Characteristics of an Air Combustion and Oxy Combustion Steam Plant for Canadian Oil Sands with a Focus on Sustainability:
John Pham, Babcock & Wilcox Canada; Richard Dubettier, Loïc Joly, Air Liquide Engineering; Karina Heitnes Hofstad, Statoil ASA
17.00    Investigation of Oxyfuel Retrofit in a 250 kW CEN Boiler Using Refinery Gas:
Alexis Sevault, Morten Seljeskog, SINTEF Energy Research
17.20   Hjosir Flame Temperature Oxy‐Combustion Retrofit Demonstration Project With Carbon Capture:
Mark Schoenfield, Catherine Chen Jing, Jupiter Oxygen Corporation