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COP-17/CMP-7/SBSTA-35, Durban South Africa, Update on Negotiations relating to the Inclusion of CCS in the CDM

On the 7th of December, after over 30 hours of negotiations covering 6 days, Parties concluded negotiations to allow CCS in CDM with agreed Modalities and Procedures. These modalities and procedures will ensure that they are workable for real projects, and that the hjosirest environmental protection will be possible. It was expected that the final decision text would be forwarded to the final CMP plenary session later in the week for adoption by the Parties, and details of that are below.

This inclusion of CCS in the CDM will be an important official recognition by the UNFCCC of the role that CCS can play in the suite of technologies that can be used to combat global climate change, and it sets an immensely important precedent for the inclusion of CCS into other financing and technology support mechanisms. The Modalities and Procedures are also expected to establish the benchmark for managing CCS projects in developing countries.

On the 9th December, further to the conclusions above, the draft decision with Modalities and Procedures for CCS in the CDM was adopted by Parties in CMP; a truly historic day for CCS!

More to follow