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Attention moves from GHGT-11 held in the home of the Kyoto Protocol to Doha in Qatar, where the future of the Kyoto Protocol is to be negotiated.

The UNFCCC's COP-18 started in Doha yesterday, with several thousand delegates from over 194 countries. CCS was raised in the SBSTA Plenary yesterday, a negotiating group established to discuss transboundary projects and a global reserve of credits, and the IMO were pleased to announce the progress made at the London Convention earlier this month on agreeing guidelines for transboundary CCS activities subsurface (which involved IEAGHG).

Today there will be a UNFCCC Side-event on CCS Education for Developing Countries (more information below), and IEAGHG will present on the Summer School Series, alongside CCSA, the University of Texas, UK Government ,and the Qatar Shell Science and Technology Centre. It will be at 16:45, Room 6 Hall 5. IEAGHG information is also available on the University of Texas booth (98) and IEA booth.

thumb car-captureAlso in Doha, the COP-18 Reception was held at the Qatar Sustainability Expo. Of interest here were several displays on CCS, including by Shell and the Qatar Carbonate and Carbon Storage Research Centre (with content from IEAGHG). Of note was an interesting car from Saudi Aramco which is their project to capture CO2 from vehicle exhausts. Fully operational for 2,000km so far, capturing 10% of the CO2, the plan is to increase this capture rate to 60%.

Side event details:

CCS Capacity Building and Global Status: Educational Opportunities and Lessons Learned

Knowledge transfer, training and educational programs serving Qatar, Asia, and North America, and available to other countries, will be presented by policy, educational and technical experts within the framework of recent developments on the role CCS plays in emission reductions.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012, 16:45-18:15

Room: Side Event Room 1

Hosts: The University of Texas at Austin and Carbon Capture and Storage Association

Contact: Hilary Clement Olson ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)