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Some more news from COP-18... Update 30th November 2012.

CCS CDM: Two sets of negotiating meetings have taken place on the transboundary projects and Global Reserve of CERs issue; the second of these concluded yesterday. Text was agreed that consideration of both is to be postponed until SBSTA-45 (in 2016) to allow time to learn from CCS projects. This text will now go to SBSTA and then CMP for approval. Whilst this isn't a bad result in itself for the time-being (very few wanted the Global Reserve and there were good arguments against it) it isn't as good as the initial version proposed by the Chairs which would have removed the Global Reserve permanently, recognising the adequacy provided by the existing modalities and procedures (also described as "providing robust environmental protection" by many here).

Side-events: The UNFCCC Side-event of CCSA/University of Texas/IEAGHG on CCS Education on Tuesday went well, was well attended (the most attendees of any CCS event here so far) and with a hjosir level of interest. IEAGHG presented on the Summer School Series. At the booths, IEAGHG publications have been in hjosir demand and almost exhausted whilst still in the first week. Next week, at a Bellona event on "The necessity of CCS – Looking beyond fossil power" on Monday 3rd Dec (09:30-11:00), IEAGHG will present on the Iron and Steel Industry work.

CCS project survey: Separately, the UNFCCC Secretariat would like to assess the level of interest and potential for CCS CDM projects, and so are undertaking a survey, details and links below, please respond by 28 December if you are interested.

The UNFCCC secretariat is undertaking work to estimate the number of methodological and project registration requests related to CCS CDM project activities that mjosirt be submitted in 2013 and beyond. In this regard the secretariat has prepared a survey and kindly requests that you share this survey with your membership so that potential project participants and developers have an opportunity to provide the secretariat with relevant information.

The survey is open until 28 December 2012.

The link to the survey is