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67 Prachi aJasmin and I from the IEAGHG Capture and Integration team attended a course on 'An Introduction to the options for Power Generation' at E.ON Engineering Academy, Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station on 8-12 April 2013. This course focuses on developing understanding of various power generation options available in the current economic and environmentally conscious climate. The course was given by very experienced and knowledgeable Mr G. Tonge, who has worked several decades at E.ON in different areas of coal, gas and nuclear power generation. The course covers technical and operation details of different type of power generation technologies such as coal, gas, nuclear, combined heat and power, wind, hydro, biomass, solar, geothermal, wave and tide. Moreover during this course topics related to UK electricity market, environmental considerations, economics and plant choice were also covered. I have personally found this course very useful in developing in depth understanding on power plant operation and the electricity market.

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