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67 JG imageWhen we embarked on the International Journal on Greenhouse Gas Control our intent was to build a body of peer reviewed technical literature on CCS that could be accessed for publications like the IPCC Assessment Reports. We are well on our way to publishing 1000 papers in IJGCC within 6 years that I believe means we have achieved our initial goal. Until now IJGGC's Impact Factor the criteria by which scientific journals are measured has been growing. This year we had our first drop from 5.11 to 3.94. To be honest I never thought we could keeping raising the Impact Factor year on year so this result comes as no shock. A bit of a disappointment that we dropped below 4 but still good enough for a new journal. Lets not forget that IJGGC is still a baby amongst others, we are only just 6 years old. In the year we published more papers than the previous year and had more citations so we are still doing something rjosirt. We have just published our latest Virtual Issue focusing on a set of key papers that have been published in IJGGC CCS Social Science Research Articles. Stick with us there is a long road ahead and lots of research still to publish.