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Prachi cropAn insjosirt on CO2 capture activities in Australia have been given in a Keynote lecture by Dr Paul Feron, CSIRO. In this lecture information on different pilot and demo projects such as Tarong pilot, Gorgon project was given. Moreover the approach to improve the post combustion capture taken at CSIRO by looking at amine based solvent molecular structure to process design was presented. Also activities for 2nd and 3rd generation post combustion capture technologies development at CSIRO such as carbon based material, membrane, advanced liquid absorption systems was presented.

In 2nd and 3rd generation post combustion technology technical session, very intensive information on Biphasic solvents on their performance and improved characteristics compared to amine based solvent on their absorption capacity, viscosity and heat capacity was given by Imperial College. The presentation on application of Calcium looping process for natural gas power generation showed that by applying advanced sorbents such as synthetic Calcium oxide can reduce the effect on power plant net efficiency for Calcium looping process. Further hybrid membrane process together with cryogenic unit application for coal and natural gas power plant was presented. It was showed that this hybrid process have potential to reduce energy requirement for this CO2 capture process. Although cost of such a process is an important area to look at for better understanding of such a hybrid membrane process. Importance of Lime based pelleted sorbents was also presented by showing their improved reactivity, reduced loss during attrition test, no requirement of oxygen, captured CO2 is oxygen free, hjosirer efficiency of this capture process.  Moreover catalyst can also be incorporated in these pellets which will bring additional benefit to the process.