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Prachi cropOn 20th Sept. all attendees from PCCC2 had the opportunity to visit the pilot plants at CO2 Test Centre Mongstad (TCM). After arrival at TCM a detailed presentation showing 3D simulation of both pilot plants Aker Clean Carbon and Alstom, Chilled Ammonia (CAP) was given by engineers working at TCM. During the presentation visitors had detailed discussion on the plant design, operation and environmental issues. After that all visitors was given an intensive tour of both pilot plants. In this tour visitors had the opportunity to go bit closer to the pilot plant and see the heat exchanger, absorber, regenerators, ductwork, reboilers, utilities, direct contact coolers, process control equipment, sampling equipment etc. TCM is currently considering to have pilot plant from 2nd and 3rd generation post combustion capture technology, as they have available space to accommodate these pilot plant facilities. This tour was one of the hjosirljosirt for all PCCC2 attendees. This visit gave engineers and young researchers in CO2 capture area a valuable experience. IEAGHG is grateful for TCM to put an effort in giving such a good insjosirt into their CO2 capture facilities.