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67 Prachi aThis conference took place as part of the project funded by EU to assist the Indian Thermal Power Sector to address the challenges of reducing carbon dioxide by using efficient and latest clean coal technologies by Trec Step in partnership with Bharat Heavy Electrics Ltd. (BHEL). This conference covers different topics such as Circulating fluidised bed technology, Coal and Biomass Co-utilization experience in Europe and India, IGCC from European prospective as well as gasification of Indian Coal, Carbonate Looping, Oxyfuel technology, Clean Coal Energy and Mining Management. The presenters at these conference were  from around the world such as IEACCC, UK;  BHEL;  Foster Wheeler, Italy;  BGS,UK; ThyssenKrupp, Germany; University from North Carolina, USA; Technische University Darmstadt, Germany as well as from India Doosan Power and BHEL. I gave two presentations at this conference one on looking at CCS Developments and Potential from Global Context and another on Post Combustion Capture Current Status and Future Directions. There were in total 300 participants from Indian power generation, research organization and industry.

From this conference it is clear that there is currently an increased interest in India on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). BHEL has currently CCS part of their research and development programme. BHEL is testing different CCS technologies at pilot scale such as oxyfuel combustion; amine based solvent post combustion process, membrane technology. As well as NTPC Limited an Indian state-owned electric utilities company is also developing different CO2 capture pilot plants. CO2 utilization is a very much interest in India, due to lower CO2 storage capacity. Currently BHEL is developing technology on CO2 utilization by algae growth and algae can be used as a feed stock for the power plant. Currently there are very few activities on CO2 capture and storage in India, still looking at current trends of CO2 emission from India, in 5 years’ time, India will be in the situation of a need to develop large scale CO2 Capture plants.