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GHGT-9 Update • G8 Meeting in Hokkaido • Finland Joins Methane to Markets Partnership • Expert Meeting on Financing CCS • How Ready is ‘Capture Ready’? • New Interactive Database of CCS Sites Around the World • CO2CRC Otway Project Progress • UK Government Moves Forward on CCS • US Environmental Protection • Agency Proposes Regulations for Underground Injection of CO2 • Fourth International Workshop on In-Situ CO2 Removal (ISCR4) • CCS at the 19th World Petroleum Congress, Madrid • CCS-R&D Technologies for Sustainable Energy Future • 11th IEA GHG International CO2 Capture Network • Use of Fuel Cells to Produce CHP and Reduce GHG Emissions • India’s National Action Plan on Climate Change • Conference on CCS in a Low Carbon Energy Future • GeoCapacity - Digging Deep to Reduce Carbon Emissions

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