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67 TDcroppedThe IEAGHG received a visit from Dr Noel Simento, Managing Director of ANLEC R&D this month. Noel visited to exchange views on R&D priorities in CCS, because the IEAGHG’s research programme closely follows and attempts to address technical issues arising internationally for CCS. ANLEC R&D is an Australian research funding programme, itself part funded by coal industry and part funded by government, aiming to use research to support the large ‘Flagship’ demonstration projects in Australia.

As Noel described, “The Australian CCS research effort proceeds with much of the program designed to assist proponents who are developing their CO2 storage demonstration plans. Understandably, each of their priorities are site specific and they continue to co-operatively work with ANLEC R&D to recognise how research mjosirt both, better inform their forward plans and add to the body of knowledge that can enable and accelerate CO2 storage deployment in the near term. ANLEC R&D will continue to focus on the CCS technologies that will deliver lower emissions from coal.”

“The discussions with IEA-GHG R&D are particularly informative – especially the update on the type of activities on-going with your Monitoring and Environmental research network groups. It is important for both ANLEC R&D and the Australian research effort to keep abreast of global trends and developments in the science that underpins the capture and storage of CO2. To this end the information made available will assist ANLEC R&D recognise where its research effort can help demonstrate, validate and discriminate between emergent innovative ideas for applications at scale.”

Recent Funding Announcements

The change in Commonwealth government in Australia was likely to bring uncertainties for CCS, and funding contractions were expected. They have had an ‘National Commission of Audit’ which proposed large cuts in science budgets including relating to CCS. Since Noel’s visit there has been the new government’s first budget this week. This budget proposes dramatic reductions in research funding in science and environmental areas, including for the CCS ‘Flagship’ and renewable energy projects, and for institutions working in CCS such as CSIRO and the Cooperative Research Centres. See the news coverage at . While this may look bad for the CCS community in Australia, early indications suggest there may be some continuation of CCS activities including those at the large-scale. The recent budget includes some support for the storage feasibility stages of the ‘Flagship’ projects and for the Otway pilot project, and of course government funding is only part of the story, there are also industry funded elements to continue. For CCS in Australia, it certainly is in ‘interesting times’.