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67 JG imageAttending the 2014 SaskPower CCS Symposium “ The Future is Here” . On Thursday we will have the grand opening of the Boundary Dam CCS demonstration project. The importance of this project to the CCS community cannot be understated, it’s truly the first of its kind and hopefully just the opening act for a series of following CCS projects.

Robert Watson the SaskPower president & CEO told us the whole retrofit was over budget but not the capture plant. The cost overruns were unsurprisingly associated with the Boundary Dam 3 boiler unit and power island. Unexpected problems occurred with the turbine stand and asbestos in the boiler.

Mike Monea President CCS initiatives at SaskPower announced that the compressor unit is now commissioned and on the 24th September the capture plant started operating. Commissioning of the capture island and charging the pipeline with CO2 should be complete in a couple of days and then its all go.

This is really great news and finally CCS on a power plant is a reality.