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67 sam“THOU SHALT CCS” – Dr Julio Friedmann, US Department of Energy
The main body of the GHGT-12 conference in Austin, Texas began first thing this morning with an Opening Plenary which contained a fantastic line up of Keynote Speakers. Kelly Thambimuthu, Chair of the IEA Greenhouse Gas R & D Programme, Dean Sharon Wood (the 9th Dean of the Cockrell School of Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, and Dean Sharon Mosher of the Jackson School of Geosciences welcomed all to the 12th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Technologies. These welcome addresses were followed by a captivating talk by Dr Julio Friedmann (Deputy Assistant Secretary for Clean Coal); one of the most widely known experts in the US on CCS, who noted that we have accomplished a lot over the last 10 years with the progress since 2004 demonstrating a good decade for CCS. Professor David Victor (University of California, San Diego), author of the recent controversial Nature article recognised that we shouldn’t “look for adult supervision from global climate policy makers”, and Juho Lipponen from the IEA boldly stated that it is certainly “bad news for fossil fuels, but good news for CCS”.
Monday is continuing with a number of parallel technical sessions from Post Combustion to Sorbent Systems; Storage Case Studies to Source Sink Matching and Biomass with CCS to Wellbore Integrity – amongst many other valuable topics.
Remember, don’t forget to visit IEAGHG at Stand 3 in the main Exhibition Hall. The IEAGHG look forward to seeing you there and hope that all delegates are enjoying the conference!