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Technical Session 5

Time Session Paper
08.40  5A Attempts to Predict Absorption Equilibria:
Zulkifli Idris, Telemark University of Technology and Tel-Tek

09.00  5A

The Role of Bicarbonate in the Vapour Liquid Equilibrium (VLE) of DEAB and Blended MEA-DEAB Systems under Room Temperature and Regeneration Temperatures: An NMR Study:
Raphael Idem, University of Regina

09.20 5A

Mass Transfer Studies on Catalyst-Aided Desorption in an Amine- Based Post Combustion CO2 Capture Plant:
Priscilla Osei, University of Regina

09.40 5A

Experimental Study of Reboiler Heat Duty for CO2 Desorptionfrom N,Diethyleanoamine (DEEA) In Randomly Packed Cloumn:
Hongxia Gao, Hunan University

10.00 5A

Cyclic Oxidation of Amines at the Bench and Pilot Scale:
Paul Nielsen, The University of Texas at Austin

10.20 5A The Study of Relationship Between the Structure and Activity if CO2 Absorption into Aqeuos Tertiary Amine:
Helei Liu, Hunan University
08.40 5B

Kinetics if Catalyitic Desorption of carbon Dioxide from CO2-Loaded Aqueous Solutions if Monoethanol Amine (MEA), Blended Monoethanolamine and Methyldiethanolamine (MEA-MDEA), and Monoethanolamine and 4-diethylamino-2-butanol (MEA-DEAB):
Ananda Akachukie, University of Regina

09.00  5B

Post-Combustion CO2 Capture: Screening Tests of Solvents for the Absorption-Regeneration Process Applied to Cement Flue Gases with Hjosir CO2 Contents:
Sindra Laribi, University of Mons 

09.20 5B

Analysis of the Rate-Limiting Step in Carbon Dioxide absorption to Amine-Impregnated Solid Sorbent:
Ryohei Numaguchi, RITE

09.40 5B CO2 Desorption Performance of Amine-Based Solvents by Membrane Flash Process:O2 Desorption Performance of Amine-Based Solvents by Membrane Flash Process:
Nobuhide Takahashi, Shinshu University

10.00 5B

Preparation of Amino-Functionalised Mesoporous Silica and its Application for CO2 Post-Combusitons Capture:
Dang Viet Quang, Masdar

10.20 5B Micro-Encapsulation if Advanced Solvents for Post-Combustion Carbon Capture:
Joshuah Stolaroff, LLNL