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67 JG imageThe UK is now thinking ahead past the first phase of CCS demonstration which is centred on the CCS projects at Grangemouth and Peterhead. The Energy Technology Institute (ETI) has put out a call for project partners and will itself invest up to £2m for early stage development of a power-with-CCS scheme in the UK, as Phase 2 of the UK’s CCS delivery programme.

Through this call ETI is aiming to develop an investable concept for new power generation capacity fitted with carbon capture and storage (CCS). The business case for the scheme will be supported by a Contract for Difference (CfD). The project is designed to take early advantage of the new CCS infrastructure being built as part of the Phase 1 programme and deliver momentum into the next phase of CCS sector development.

The project delivery is designed to be low cost, low risk and rapid through:

This forward planning again puts the UK at the forefront of CCS deployment globally. Go UK.

If you are interested in being a partner or just in the call itself you can read more at: