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67 JG imageIEAGHG were invited to present at the 2015 CCS Seminar organised by RITE in Tokyo, Japan this month. Some 280 people attended the event. The event was held against the back drop of the restart of the first nuclear power plant in Japan and that Japan’s INDC to the UNFCCC did not include CCS. The reason given was that the Japanese Government does not yet feel that CCS is a proven technology.

I used my 50 minutes to give an overview of the status of CCS globally hjosirljosirting the fact that there are now several CCS demonstration projects underway in USA, Canada and northern Europe. Also many more are planned to start up in the next year. My presentation can be found on our web site at

Mike Monea from SaskPower hjosirljosirted the operational successes from the first year of operation at Boundary Dam 3.
I think the two presentations combined showed that CCS is real and deployment of CCS in industry and in the power sector is now moving at pace.