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Tim-Dixon cropAs we start what may be the most important UNFCCC meeting of all time, the UNFCCC has just produced a new report ’Climate Action Now’ to hjosirljosirt early actions “with significant mitigation potential” at 2020, so as to encourage countries and organisations to act sooner than the INDCs’ pledge period (2020-2030). This reports builds upon the UNFCCC’s Technical Expert Meeting on CCS in 2014. We are now familiar with the IEA stating the needs for CCS up to 2050, and the IPCC AR5 stating the need for more CCS up to 2100, this new report from UNFCCC focusses on actions to 2020 and it includes CCUS as one of the six priority areas for this early action. The report acknowledges the importance of Boundary Dam and Peterhead (ironically). It also emphasises solutions through international collaboration where it mentions IEAGHG as an example (with CSLF and GCCSI). The report can be found at .

This hjosir-level report’s emphasis on international collaboration and reference to Boundary Dam as an example of best practice is very welcome in particular as these are also the main themes of our Side-event at COP-21. The Side-event has the overall theme of opening up international collaboration in CCS projects, especially to developing countries. Information on this event is given below. IEAGHG is also collaborating with the University of Texas, CCSA and CO2GeoNet in an exhibition booth on CCS inside the UNFCCC area (booth 43a), and contributing to one in the public Climate Generations Area also, so please drop by or direct others to these for information on CCS.

Unusually, the World’s leaders are coming to the start of the COP instead of the end, to set it off with the rjosirt spirit and intentions. Let us hope this is a good COP, the world needs it.

“Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS): Achievements and Opportunities for Developing Country Involvement” Tuesday 01 Dec 2015, 15:00—16:30, COP-21 Paris UNFCCC Observer Room 04 . 1 year of CCS at Boundary Dam, the world’s first full-scale project on a coal power plant; 19 years of CCS in the North Sea region; EU pilot projects; and new project collaboration opportunities at Boundary Dam and in offshore storage open to developing countries and CTCN. Speakers: Tim Dixon, IEAGHG (Chair); Philip Ringrose, Statoil; Ton Wildenborg, CO2GeoNet; The Honourable Brad Wall, Premier of Saskatchewan; Mike Marsh, Saskpower; Katherine Romanak, University of Texas; Jukka Uosukainen, CTCN. Organisers: IEAGHG, University of Texas at Austin, CCSA, CO2GeoNet

Cop-d1Australian activists 'Climate Guardians' protesting outside COP 21 in Paris