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This page provides details of forthcoming workshops and conferences by IEAGHG. If you have any meetings you would like us to list please e-mail the details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Responsible person

Feb 16th Environmental Impacts of CCS Capture Olso, Norway Mohammad Abu-Zahra
Feb 16th -17th Modelling Network University of Utah, USA Neil Wildgust / Toby Aiken
March 9th-11th 37th ExCo Ponferrada, Spain General Manager
April 28th -29th Wellbore Network Amsterdam, The Netherlands Neil Wildgust / Toby Aiken
May 6th – 8th Monitoring Network New Orleans, USA Tim Dixon / Ludmilla Basava-Redi
May 17th- 18th Risk Assessment Network Denver, USA Neil Wildgust / Tim Dixon / Ameena Camps
Aug 23rd – 27th Summer School Svalbard, Norway Tim Dixon
Sept 15th -17th Solid Looping Network Alkmaar, The Netherlands Mike Haines
Sept 17th -18th 38th ExCo The Hague, The Netherlands General Manager
Sept 19th -23rd GHGT-10 Amsterdam, The Netherlands General Manager / Sian Twinning
Nov Social Research Network Japan Tim Dixon / Ameena Camps