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Technical Session 6 and 7

Time Session Paper
08.40  6 Project Update of the Deployment of the KM CDR Process:
Tatsuya Tsujiuchi, MHI

09.00  6

Innovative Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Process Integrated with an Existing Coal-Fired Power Plant:
Kunlei Liu, University of Kentucky

09.20 6

CANSOLV DC201 Model Validation with TCM Demonstration Plant Results:
Matthew Campbell, Shell Cansolv

09.40 6

Results from the Testing on a 1MWel Advanced Aqueous Amine-Based PCC Pilot Plant in Wilsonville:
Sean Rigby, BASF

10.00 6

Evaluated Pilot Plant Results for 5 m Piperazine with the Advanced Flash Stripper:
Eric Chen, The University of Texas at Austin

15.30 7

Assessment of Whole-Chain CCS Operating Procedures: Case Study of the Peterhead CCS Project:
Adekola Lawal, Process Systems Enterprise

15.50  7

Comparative Evaluation of a New Liquid Absorbent in a PCC Pilot Plant in China:
Ashlejosir Cousins, CSIRO

16.10 7

Research and Development on Post Combustion Carbon Capture Technology Through the CLIMIT RD&D Funding Program
Jørild Svalestuen, Gassnova

16.30 7 Mikawa CO2 Capture Pilot Plant Test of New Amine Solvent:
Satoshi Saito, Toshiba

16.50 7

Pilot Plant Results for Advanced CO2 Capture Process using AMP/PZ Solvent at Tauron's Coal-Fired Power Plant:
Adam Tatarczuk, Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal