IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

General Manager

The current General Manager of the IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme (IEAGHG) Mr John Gale is stepping down from his duties in May 2019 creating an exciting opportunity for a new candidate. 

The IEAGHG is internationally renowned as one of the leading technical research groups that studies the role that technology can play in mitigating climate change and achieving the Paris Agreement goals. The main focus of IEAGHG’s research is on Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS).

The IEAGHG established in 1991 is operated under an agreement framed as part of the International Energy Agency’s Energy Technology Network.  The IEAGHG has 33 members who fund and support its activities.  The Members are drawn from Africa, Europe, North and South America, Australasia, South East Asia and South Asia and meet twice a year at the Executive Committee meeting to review the progress and direction of the programme. 

The IEAGHG’s flagship activities include:

  • The Greenhouse Gas Control Technology (GHGT) conference series. The latest conference in this series (GHGT-14) was held in October 2018 in Melbourne Australia and attracted over one thousand delegates from 43 countries around the globe.
  • Our Technology Assessment reports are all leading edge research studies referenced by our members, the IEA, other leading international organisation and industry and academia.
  • The International Research Networks aim to bring together key researchers from across the globe to share and exchange information and stimulate international co-operation on CCUS research.  

For further details on the IEAGHG’s work programme, please go to the Abous Us page on the website

The main responsibility of the General Manager is to lead and set the strategic focus for the organisation in conjunction with the Executive Committee of Members and to ensure the proper fulfilment of the IEAGHG programme’s scope of work and objectives.

The General Manager will be expected to represent the IEAGHG internationally at key events to promote the organisation’s work:; to expand the existing membership base and to develop appropriate strategic alliances with other national, international and multi-lateral bodies.

The main offices of IEAGHG are based in Cheltenham, UK, where IEAGHG’s 9 full and part time staff are based.  Although it is not a prerequisite for the position to be based full time In Cheltenham, it will be important for the General Manager to visit the offices and keep in touch with the staff. 

The position could interest a full time candidate or someone who is interested in working in a part time capacity on mutually agreed terms.

Candidates will be expected to have good networking, organisational, inter-personnel, and communication skills, and to have demonstrated managerial expertise. Candidates will be expected to have relevant experience in CCUS technology through academic or industrial research activities. Candidates are likely to have had experience in the oil and gas, power or industry sectors, or academia.

The IEAGHG is not itself a legal entity but is operated on behalf of its members by IEA Environmental Projects Ltd (IEA EPL). IEA EPL will offer a competitive salary and is an equal opportunities employer. The General Manager will report to the Director of IEA EPL. 


To find out further details contact IEAGHG at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The closing date for ALL applications is 25th January 2019.