Network Meetings and Workshops

We host an array of expert network meetings and workshops. These gatherings bring specialists together to share the latest learnings, knowledge and expertise. They are also a forum to collaboratively discuss best practices moving forwards and a valuable networking opportunity.

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Ship near oilrig with blue ocean sea and sky

The Monitoring Network

This international research network covers the monitoring of injected CO2 in Geological Storage formations.

This network assesses new monitoring technologies and techniques, determines the limitations, accuracy and applicability of monitoring techniques, disseminates information from research and pilot storage projects around the world, develops extensive monitoring guidelines for the different sub-categories of geological storage (oil and gas fields, unmineable coal seams, and saline aquifers), covers the differing conditions and reservoir properties encountered globally, as well as to engage with relevant regulatory bodies.

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The Cost Network

One of the primary barriers to the wide scale implementation of CCS is cost. The objective of the cost network is to provide greater insight into the crucial area.

The workshops have covered issues such as CCS costing methods and metrics, costs of CO2 capture for power generation, costs of demonstration plants, estimating costs of novel capture technologies, costs of capture in industries other than power generation and costs of CO2 transport and storage. The workshops are attended by about 40-50 invited experts working on CCS cost estimation.

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A Large Ammonia Production Plant
A CO2 pipeline running next to a road.

The Risk Management Network

The Risk Management Network meetings dive into the challenges associated with managing the risk of long term geologic CO2 storage.

These meetings cover topics such as well bore safety, monitoring, induced seismicity, CO2 sub-surface modelling, risk management methodologies, and regulation. This is a popular network that sees leading experts assemble from across the globe to discuss these vital issues.

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The Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage Workshop

This workshop series explores global developments in offshore geologic CO2 storage and shares expertise and learning on projects. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with organisations involved in live projects and learn about different considerations including transport, infrastructure, injection and wells, business models, working with other seabed users, monitoring, environmental aspects, stakeholder engagement and the legal and regulatory environment.

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Offshore Workshop - An oilrig at sea injecting CO2.
Industrial Pipes

The High Temperature Solid Looping Cycles Network

The high-temperature solid looping cycles network (HTSLCN) brings together researchers and developers of technology to capture CO2 at high temperatures in cyclical processes using either circulating or fixed beds of solids. The technology has advanced considerably in recent years and several large pilot plants have been constructed and brought into operation. This important step is expected to enable a convincing demonstration of the potential for the technology to work at an industrial scale to be done.

The network is progressively expanding participation beyond the research community, businesses, plant designers and equipment suppliers as the technology moves rapidly through pilot and industrial demonstration towards full-scale commercial deployment.

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The Modelling Network

Predictive modelling of CO2 injection is an essential part of the site selection and characterisation process and is required throughout the injection and post-injection phases. The Modelling Network reviews and evaluates the latest advancements in modelling techniques.

Recent topics have included  modelling methodology, integrated roles and objectives of modelling, modelling real storage projects; case studies and international efforts towards best practice and modelling protocols.

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Sub-surface Rock layers
Environmental Research - A mountain lake on a sunny day

The Environmental Research Network

The Environmental Research into CO2 Storage Network aims to stimulate and nurture global collaboration and knowledge advancement in potential impacts of CO2 Storage for Environmental Impact Assessments.

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