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Our membership is at the centre of everything we do. As a member, you would be part of a select group of nations, enterprises and research institutes. Together, you shape our research programme which is undertaken by a network of world-leading experts.

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Delegates network at an IEAGHG event.
Plenary session at IEAGHG's Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference
Plenary session at IEAGHG’s Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference

Driving a climate of change

The IEAGHG is at the forefront of carbon, capture and storage (CCS) research. We advance technology that reduces carbon emissions and accelerates the deployment of CCS projects worldwide. We work hand in hand with nations and organisations dedicated to implementing CCS solutions as we move to a low-carbon economy

Membership is open to all IEA member countries as well as organisations interested in developing or deploying carbon capture and storage technology. Whether you are just getting started in CCS or have projects across the globe, membership with the IEAGHG will be key to your success.

Member Benefits

Partnering with IEAGHG brings many benefits to you and your organisation.

Early access to leading research

Stay ahead of the game and be the first to access all our technical reports as soon as it is available.

Get the answers you need

As a member, you can shape our research programme, put forward proposals and vote on all the projects that go ahead.

Inform your decision-making

Access confidential summaries of closed-door meetings from some of the world’s most influential carbon capture IGOs.

Open doors to government and enterprise

Join a global group of CCUS leaders from across the world. Find new partners and grow your business at IEAGHG members meetings, and conferences.

Maximise your return

As a not-for-profit organisation, we care about results, not profits. That means you get exceptional value for your membership fee as any surplus is invested straight back into the programme.

Access CCUS expertise

We have a dedicated team of CCUS technical experts who can provide you with the support that you need.

Oil and gas platform in the gulf or the sea, The world energy, Offshore oil and rig construction.

Independent peer-review

At IEAGHG all our research is peer-reviewed by independent experts, ensuring that we can consistently deliver world-class research time and again. That is why our reports are trusted by governments and enterprises worldwide.

Hear from our members

Discover how partnering with IEAGHG has helped our members achieve their CCUS goals.

“The IEAGHG is a beacon of wisdom in this ocean of information – generating knowledge from highly-regarded scientists and experts in the carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) sector and beyond. I firmly believe that all key organizations and firms active in the CCUS space and climate technology solutions should be part of the IEAGHG – come and join us in our cause!”

“The IEAGHG Programme represents the most authoritative and objective voice in the community of organizations assessing and doing R&D of greenhouse gas control technologies in fossil fuels. The IEAGHG Programme also has the most impactful convening power in the community. Its stewardship and organization of the GHGT-series of conferences is a summit event bringing together the most important technology and policy experts.”

“The US Department of Energy highly values the work done over the years by IEAGHG and congratulates you on 30 years of successes in sharing knowledge on CCUS.”

“If you want to know the very latest on any aspect of CCUS – whether it’s research, technology, policy or projects – there really is no substitute for the GHGT.”

Interested in membership?

Interested in becoming a member? Get in touch to find out more and see how partnering with us can benefit you.

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