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We regularly host webinars on a range of subjects including highlights from our new reports, or engaging workshops to discuss emerging issues in the CCUS sector.

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IEAGHG webinars allow to take a deep dive into an array of topics in the carbon management and CCUS sectors. There are webinars available from many of our new reports giving you the opportunity to engage with the report authors.

We also host workshops and roundtables on important emerging subjects within in the CCUS sector to share knowledge, expertise and best-practices.

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Explore our complete webinar archive. With topics spanning the whole CCUS value chain delivered by leading experts you are sure to find latest knowledge and insightful analyses.

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We host a wide range of events from leading conferences through to webinars and our CCS Summer School.


Discover the Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference (GHGT) series and the Post-Combustion Capture Conference series.

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Meetings & Workshops

We host a range of meetings and workshops, including such as our network meeting series aimed at technical experts to share new knowledge.

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Summer School

The IEAGHG’s prestigious International Summer School 2024 is at the forefront of CCS education. Open to PhD students and early career professionals.

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We are stronger together. That’s why we bring researchers, policymakers and business leaders together from across to globe to share knowledge that accelerates CCS deployment.

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