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IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

Tim Dixon
Director and General Manager

Tim is responsible for managing IEAGHG, ensuring that it meets the needs of its members and delivers the technical evidence-base to support CCS development and deployment, and inputting to international regulatory and policy developments such as UNFCCC, IPCC and CSLF.

James Craig
Technical Programme Manager

James joined IEAGHG six years ago as senior geologist and has been actively engaged in the recruitment and management of R&D projects related to CO2 storage. James is responsible for the overall delivery of all technical  R&D project recruitment and management that IEAGHG conducts.

Marinel Jocson
Office and Finance Manager

Marinel is responsible for all aspects of the office management including finance, payroll, HR and health and safety. She manages and is the main point of contact for members’ subscriptions. Marinel is also the Company Secretary and has a degree in BSc international Business Management.

Keith Burnard
Senior Technology Analyst and Membership Manager

Keith co-ordinates activities undertaken by IEAGHG relating to costs and performance of CO2 capture technologies, plus covering issues around integration. Keith chairs the Steering Committee for IEAGHG’s successful Post-Combustion Capture Conference series and is also a member of the Steering Committee of IEAGHG’s CCS Cost Network.

Jasmin Kemper
Senior Technology Analyst

Jasmin has managed technical studies on CO2 dehydration, pipeline transportation, accounting for GHG emissions from Bio-CCS and CO2-EOR, CCS clusters, regional CCS developments and unburnable carbon. Her other work areas include IEAGHG’s network on solid looping technologies, sustainability issues, LCA, non-CO2 GHGs and CO2 utilisation within geological formations.

Samantha Neades
Technology Analyst

Sam works on the management of technical studies and networks relating primarily to the geological storage of CO2, as well as co-managing the International Summer School Series. Graduated in 2009 from Cardiff University, BSc (Hons.) Geology

Abdul’Aziz A. Aliyu
Technology Analyst

Abdul’Aziz's role includes the design and scope of technical studies on key technical areas, specifically carbon capture on industrial processes and hydrogen production. Abdul’Aziz has a Master’s degree in ‘Energy and Environment’ from the University of Leeds and Doctorate degree from the University of Sheffield in ‘Post-combustion Carbon Capture’.

Suzanne Killick
Events Programme Manager

Suzanne manages the organisational side of each conference, budgetary management, on-site support services, communications delivery and management of the paper/abstract and review systems.
Becky Kemp / Tom Billcliff
Communications Managers

Becky and Tom oversee IEAGHG’s external communication activities and produce and disseminate IEAGHG’s glossy publications, newsletters and also manage all social media activities.

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