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3rd International Workshop on Offshore CCS

The 3rd International Workshop on Offshore CCS took place on 3-4 May, organised by the Bureau of Economic Geology (BEG) in collaboration with IEAGHG and others, and hosted by the Research Council of Norway in Oslo, with support from SANEDI and CSLF.

The aim of the workshop series is to facilitate sharing of knowledge and experiences among those who are doing offshore storage and those who are interested, and to facilitate international collaboration on projects. Over 60 attendees from 8 countries participated in this 3rd workshop.

The agenda included: How to learn from learnings?; Value Chains for Offshore; Infrastructure re-use; Monitoring offshore CO2storage/EOR; Offshore CO2 storage resource assessment; Project updates; Standards and Regulatory Frameworks; and Brainstorming towards an international collaborative project.

Notable points arising from the presentations and discussions were the first 4D seismic images of the CO2 plume at Tomakomai, the potential funding opportunities for developing countries from the Green Climate Fund and other sources, value chain opportunities being created by the new 45Q extension in the USA and by hydrogen in EU, Japan and Australia, and a new appreciation by many of the issues to be considered in the re-use of infrastructure. Key conclusions and recommendations were agreed. The presentations and a report will be made available in due course.

Many thanks to the Research Council of Norway for hosting and to them and Statoil and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy for sponsoring.

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