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GHGT-13 Student Reception

The GHGT-13 Student Reception, sponsored by G.E, was held last night, Wednesday 16th November, and began with a welcome from Sian Twinning (IEAGHG). Sian emphasised how beneficial the reception is to all attendees, as it enables students to meet and discuss what they have heard and learnt at GHGT-13 with their peers. It also allows then to connect with past students and selected industry experts which will allow them to help create their future careers within the CCS world and enables them to create new business contacts.

Tim Dixon (IEAGHG) gave a welcome to all attendees at the Reception and dove straight into a brief overview of the Summer School Series. He followed with a quick look at some brilliant photos from past Schools, including the infamous 1 millionth tonne CO2 capture moment at SaskPower's Boundary Dam in Canada this year. The Reception presenters also included Camille Levy, Product Leader of Clean Combustion at General Electric and also Mike Monea, Director of the International CCS Knowledge Centre. Students then got a chance to network with one another and also with organsors, sponsors and mentors from the school.

Overall, the Student Reception was a great success. Students really seemed to enjoy themselves and we hope to welcome some of them to one of our future school.

Camille Levy, GE Mike Monea, International CCS Knowledge Centre
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