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US DOE Carbon Storage Meeting and IEAGHG Plenary Panels

 The US DOE's annual Carbon Storage R&D Project Review Meeting was held in Pittsburgh this week. These meetings present all the current DOE funded research and development projects in CO2 storage, and are impressive gatherings of US research activity. This year it was combined with the DOE's oil and natural gas technologies research review meeting and titled "Mastering the Subsurface through Technology Innovation and Collaboration", attracting some 250 attendees.

The wealth of R, D and D on CO2 storage underway in the US is impressive and world-leading. DOE's efforts to ensure the results are shared and to exploit synergies between the research programs are highly commendable. This all helps to provide a substantial knowledge-base to undertake CO2 geological storage in a sound and more cost-effective way. This is definitely a meeting which is worthwhile attending.

IEAGHG were invited to contribute to the meeting in two a ways:

  • • First we organised a plenary panel on offshore CCS, drawing on the international workshop on this topic organised in April in Austin (see IEAGHG 2016-TR2).

• Second IEAGHG also organised a plenary panel on the recent IEAGHG International Monitoring Network meeting which was hosted by BGS and held in Edinburgh, UK, using members of its International Steering Committee attending the USDOE meeting to present highlights.

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