2021 ITB-IEAGHG Virtual CCUS Course


By Sam Neades

17 August 2021

Following the success of the ITB-IEAGHG Virtual CCUS Course for the Asia-Oceanic Region held in November 2020, the hosts (the Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering at ITB, the Bandung Institute of Technology) and IEAGHG were keen to replicate the invaluable knowledge sharing and international collaboration that took place in the field of carbon capture, utilisation and storage.

This year’s Virtual CCUS Course was held from the 26th July to the 6th August 2021 and 250 attendees (an increase of over threefold as compared to the previous course!) were accepted onto this online learning experience that provided them with a detailed view of the CCUS chain. The mix of attendees included both current students in education and professionals looking to further their knowledge in the area from all over the world.

Throughout the two week course, over 40 lectures were given on all aspects of CCUS, including in-depth lessons on capture, transport, storage, legal and regulatory, environmental impacts, direct air capture, BECCS and public communication. Experts from ITB, IEAGHG, the University of Adelaide, CO2CRC, Pertamina University, National University of Singapore, MIT, the International CCS Knowledge Centre, IIASA, RITE, Total Energies, ExxonMobil, Shell, Janus, Gassnova, BEG at the University of Texas, University of Pennsylvania, IITB Mumbai, Fukada Geological Institute, Monea CCS Services and the Global CCS Institute volunteered their time to provide these invaluable lectures to attendees.

Like the previous Virtual CCUS Course in 2020, this year’s event was held not only due to the success of the previous, but also due to another postponement of the IEAGHG in-person International CCS Summer School because of the COVID-19 pandemic. IEAGHG and ITB are remaining positive that this postponed event will be able to go ahead in the summer of 2022. Students have already been accepted to this School, but if you are a current student or early career professional who may be interested in attending a future IEAGHG International Summer School, please visit the website at https://ieaghg.org/summer-school or sign up to our mailing list for updates on the programme.

Attendees at the ITB-IEAGHG Virtual CCUS course.

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