GHGT-16: Final panel session and GHGT-17 announcement


By Abdul'Aziz Aliyu

2 November 2022

The final day of the 16th Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies Conference (GHGT-16) in Lyon, France saw the conference delegates embarked on a live virtual tour of the Northern Lights Project (Figure 1) The Northern Lights (a partnership between Equinor, Shell and TotalEnergies) is a part of Norway’s Longship Project to develop the world’s first open-source CO2 transport and storage infrastructure. Construction began in 2021 and is still ongoing.This onshore receiving terminal on the Norwegian west coast will offer a safe and reliable shipping facility plus temporary storage services to industrial emitters from across Europe. With increased interest from industrial sectors in Europe, additional shipping and storage capacity will be developed as demand grows. Initially CO2 will be transported from Fortum Oslo Varme’s waste-to-energy plant at Klemetsrud, near Oslo and Norcem’s cement factory in Breivik on Norway’s south coast.  

Figure 1: Live virtual tour given at the GHGT-16 from the Northern Lights receiving terminal

From early 2025, 800,000 tonnes of CO2 will be captured, compressed, and liquefied in the Netherlands, and then transported by ship to the terminal (Figure 2), from where it will be transported through a 100 km pipeline to be permanently stored at 2,600 metres under the seabed on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Figure 2. The Northern Lights site at Øygarden near Bergen, Norway.

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) has conventionally been communicated via policy/decision makers, activists, industry leaders, and technology & project developer’s standpoint. For the first time at a GHGT conference, and to provide a complimentary perspective, a Youth Panel was constituted. The panel (Figure 3) which was moderated by Nicolas Castel (IFPEN/Universite PSL) consists of young professionals across the academia and industry namely, Saja Albaidarat (University of Sheffield), Sibylle – Duval-Dachary (IFP Énergies Nouvelles), Athreya Suresh (The University of Texas at Austin), Miguel Abreu (The University of Texas at Austin) and Izaak Ruiz (Repsol) delivered an informed, intellectually stimulating, and thought-provoking discuss to the global audience. CCUS was reaffirmed by the panel as a critical tool to curb global emissions and the CCUS community needs to make CCUS a bit cooler to attract the young and teeming workforce needed to deliver a decarbonised economy via CCS.

Figure 3. The IEAGHG Youth Panel

Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for was the announcement of the location and host of GHGT-17. Emissions Reduction Alberta announced that they were proud to co-host GHGT-17 with IEAGHG in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in October 20 to 24, 2024.

Until then, we look forward to welcoming the CCUS community again to share advances in greenhouse gas control technologies and intensify efforts to meet the Paris Climate Accords.

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